Multiple Repeat Guest

I have had the great pleasure of going on multiple safaris with Michael Laubscher as my guide and could not recommend him highly enough. I have travelled with experienced safari guides and expert photographers and Michael is the best combination of both. His love and understanding of the bush and the natural world, his ability to share his knowledge of animal behavior in such an engaging way, along with a wonderful sense of humor, make him a delight to travel with. As I am a beginner photographer he has been the most patient, kind and helpful teacher, only once giving me a hard time for not trying something new! I have learnt and continue to learn from him on every trip, from his blogs and online tutorials, and social media. Michael’s own images are exquisite and convey all the depth and beauty of the natural world we all crave and need in our lives. Cannot wait for the next trip - sadly 2020 is testing my patience.

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