The Amazing Wild Eye Mara Camp Staff

If you have not been to the Wild Eye Mara Camp you are missing out.  You are missing out on incredible game viewing.  You are missing out on an authentic and truly African safari experience.  You are missing out on incredible memories and friendships.

But more than this you are missing out on meeting and spending time with some of the most amazing, real, respectful and special people you could ever hope to meet.

I have been in the lodge and hospitality game for a long time now and I have never had the pleasure and privilege of working alongside people like this.  Every once in a while I find myself sitting back and I feel deeply humbled and truly blessed to call these people staff.  Friends.  Family.

In these two vlogs I had a chat to some of the staff and you will be able to get a glimpse of how amazing they are.

If you have never been to the Wild Eye Mara Camp you are missing out.

And when you visit the Wild Eye Mara Camp - and this is something I feel very confident that every single one of our guests will agree with me on - I guarantee that the highlight of the trip will not only be the amazing game viewing, amazing location of our camp or the magic that is the Mara.

It is the people that makes the Wild Eye Mara Camp  - and the whole of Wild Eye - uniquely special and the experience they create for you will be what you remember long after all the other memories fade away.




This is why Wild Eye.

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