The Best Photographic Advice

The best photographic advice.

This is probably be one of the most debatable topics when it comes to photography. In saying that, always remember, there are no rules when it comes to photography but some guidelines that can aid you in enhancing the look of you images.

I am not going down that line today but will be sharing the best photographic advice I share with my guests while out on safari.

The Best Photographic Advise | Safari | Travel |

Look again at the two guests in the vehicle above.

Notice that they do not have there cameras up against their face.

This is so important and to me some of the best photographic advice.

The Best Photographic Advise | Safari | Travel |

Sometimes the subject is too close or too far to capture the moment or as seen above, there are just too many animals to accurately capture it. So I stand strong in saying, the best photographic advise is, to put that camera down at times, enjoy and take in where you are, see it for yourself, through your own eyes and to not constantly glued to your view finder.

In doing this, trust me, you will walk away with a lot more than just a hand full of good images.

Until next time;

Michael Laubscher

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