The Kopjes of the Serengeti – A Wildlife Photographers Paradise

kopje (n)

Pronounced: kop·je  \ ˈkä-pē \
Variantskoppie, kopjie
Definition: a small usually rocky hill especially on the African veld
For Photographers:  the EXACT kind of elevated feature that you would like to photograph predators such as lions, leopards and cheetahs.
These granite rock formations were formed when the soft volcanic rock and ash that covers Serengeti were eroded away to expose the extremely old metamorphic rock below. Standing majestically around plains of savannah with vegetation dominated by bushes and grass, these beautiful metamorphic rocks consist of very hard granite capable of resisting erosion from rain and harsh tropical winds.
Aside from providing a scenic contrast to the surrounding grasslands, kopjes provide habitat for many creatures because of the presence of a variety of plants, caves for dwelling, water, and a vantage point for Serengeti’s many predators. Especially lion prides.  They're great places to warm up in the morning or evening sun, and provide an ideal viewpoint to survey the plains for food. Moreover, the rocks and thicker vegetation make it much easier to sneak out and ambush your prey.
Whilst our  Best of The Serengeti Tour visits this region, we felt that the photographic potential on offer around these iconic landscape features warranted their own dedicated photographic safari aptly named, The Kopjes of The Serengeti.

This safari was born out of the desire of many photographers who want to spend time focussing on a particular species or scene, in order to produce a comprehensive portfolio after a safari. Focussing on a specific species or scene can be very rewarding and our goal with this safari is to capture the wildlife which abounds on and around the kopjes of the Serengeti.

How does this differ from a normal Safari Itinerary?

With most safaris, our goal is to capture the diversity and range of wildlife in a particular region. Whilst this rings true in this instance too, our focus will be on capturing and developing a portfolio focussed on the famous and iconic Kopjes of the Serengeti. The two camps have been chosen specifically with their location and proximity to the kopjes of the region meaning that we will be able to maximise our time around these incredible landscape features.

We will more than likely spend extended periods of time waiting for key moments, interactions, light and weather to fall into place as we strive to capture dramatic story-telling images of the region. Personally, my goal for each guest joining me on this safari will be to assist them in obtaining a diverse portfolio of 10 images which tell the story and capture the grandeur of the Kopjes of the Serengeti.

Highlights of the safari itinerary include:

  • Fully inclusive of all meals, drinks and activities
  • Starts and Ends at Kilimanjaro international Airport
  • Maximum of 6 guests split across two Toyota Landcruiser 4 x 4's
  • Includes internal flights between Kilimanjaro International Airport and Seronera
  • 10 Nights spent in Camps close to the most iconic and photogenic Kopjies of the Serengeti

Andrew Beck

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