The Magic of the Mara – Migration not included

Don’t get me wrong, seeing a bunch of gnu cross a river with the off chance that a crocodile might chow one or two of them, is indeed pretty spectacular! However, the migration is exactly that. It's about waiting for and then eventually watching an incredible scene unfolding. But there is far more to the Masai Mara than just the Great Migration.

The Masai Mara is about sweeping vistas filled to the brim with wildlife. It's about the call of hippos in the dead of the night. It’s a bout hearing Dickson and the staff chasing said hippos out of the camp in the dead of the night. It’s about the topi standing on a termite mound for what seems like an eternity, while staring in a direction, but just the one direction. It’s about the olive baboons and their fabulous hair bouncing as they stroll by the safari vehicle. It’s about that lone tree on the horizon at sunset as you crack open a cold Tusker Lager after a day of exploring the Mara Triangle.

It's easy to get stuck at a potential crossing during the migration months but outside of the migrations period, there is no stress, there is nowhere to be! And that’s when the full beauty of the Mara comes into its own. Even after mile upon mile behind you, the view only seems to get better and the game viewing remains fresh and exciting, and you’re still not worried about how far you from the river like your life depends on it. Then you are experiencing the Masai Mara.

It’s an incredible environment and every rolling hill that you top opens up onto a brand new and stunning view. But it's more than rolling hills & pretty views, it's more than lions on the trot and vultures on the feed. Hidden deep within the experience, is a feeling. A feeling you will struggling to find elsewhere.

The Mara is so much more than water, dust, wildebeest and crocodiles. This is the greatest game reserve on the planet and its waiting for you.

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