The trip I look forward to most in 2021…

It is always hard to pick a favourite, but the trip I look forward to most in 2021 is Madagascar.

This magnificent island which is the fourth largest in the world, is situated off the southeast coast of Africa, and plays home to large variety of different animals.

Having personally only been to the coastline of Madagascar, exploring various islands, I am super excited to experience some of the magnificent forests which Madagascar is known for.

During this exciting expedition we will be exploring various reserve and parks in Madagascar including Perinet, Mantadia, Palmarium, Morondava, Kirindy and Tsingy to photograph breathtaking landscapes as well as wildlife not found anywhere else in the world.

There is a wide variety of wildlife on offer in Madagascar, with our main focus being on the 346 chameleons species, 11o species of Lemurs and various other wildlife such as Aye-aye and Fossas.

It's an exciting itinerary with a lot of variety, both from a wildlife and landscape point of view.  The opportunity to see and photograph some of these rare species, not found anywhere else in the world, is just one of the aspects that excites me so much about this particular trip.

If you haven't been yet, why not add it to your bucket list and join me in 2021 or 2022?

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