Upcoming Review: The Canon EOS-1DX MKIII

My name is Andrew Beck and I am lucky enough to have gotten my hands on the brand new Canon EOS-1DX MKIII.

The 1D X has always been Canon's flagship DSLR and they have not held back on cramming some incredible technology into new the MKIII.

For most wildlife photographers the promise of 16 frames per second when shooting through the optical viewfinder will be a massive drawcard but, and possibly indicating the end of an era, the EOS-1DX MKIII boasts 20 FPS in live view shooting which has improved Autofocus and real time evaluative metering.

Speaking of Autofocus, 191 AF points 155 of which are cross type, driven by the Dual Pixel CMOS AF Sensor deliver lightening fast autofocus and tracking.

A new feature on the AF front is the machine learning which has 'taught' the system to recognise subjects by showing it thousands of images.

The camera itself doesn't learn, but its AF system has been taught to identify certain types of subject.

Now, with the final countdown to the launch of the R5, I wanted to get some first hand experience on the Canon EOS-1DX MKIII and share my thoughts and experience with you all.

I’d also love to take the opportunity to answer questions that you might have around what may just be the finest DSLR we will ever see.

Andrew Beck

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Review: The Canon EOS-1DX MKIII

  1. Lisa Roberti


    would love your thoughts about the R5 vs the 1dx3 for wildlife photography. I know the 1dx 3 is better weather sealed… but what are the other real differences in the field? the animal eye auto focus is such a thrill on the R5 — what are your thoughts? If you could only bring 1 body on an african safari – which one do you choose? (assuming you have the same quality lenses for both)

    thank you!!!

    • Andrew Beck

      So many variables to consider on this question, and I’ll look to cover these in a dedicated post soon but, in my opinion, I’d LOVE to take the R5 with a battery grip housing 2 of the new and more powerful versions of the LP-E6N.

      The autofocus system in the R5 and R6 is truly quite something and a massive advantage for wildlife photographers. That still doesn’t detract from the fact that the 1DX MKIII is probably the greatest DSLR the world will ever see.

      Mirrorless is the future and, if you’re looking to future-proof yourself, the R5 and R6 are the way to go.

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