What I’ve Missed Most in 2020

If you are sitting reading this today and you are in a similar situation (a 7th week South Africans national lockdown) I'm sure you have been thinking... And, seeing that we're almost halfway through this rollercoaster of a year, maybe you have asked yourself the same question that is dwelling in my mind, "what have I missed most in 2020" so far...

Well, there are many answers to this question but before I get to mine, let me run you through what my schedule was supposed to be.

The first case of COVID-19 had been reported in South Africa on 5 March, just shy of a week prior to me arriving back home from a, let me say eventful safari in Tanzania. I was in the Wild Eye office for a week and then had plans to break away with the family to a game farm we have shares in, which fortunately happened. During our time there our president announced the nation wide lockdown and so we had two days to pack up and race home.

I knew then that my next safari, late in April, which was a private safari to Phinda, followed immediately thereafter by one of my favourite destinations, Madikwe would no longer be. It would have been my first visit to Phinda which I was truly excited about (as I have no doubt my guest was too) as I have dreamt of visiting the area for many years. But what I was really gutted about was the fact that I could not return to Nkurru Lodge in Madikwe.

Apart from the incredible game viewing one gets blessed with daily in Madikwe Game Reserve, as demonstrated in the "10 minute day in Madikwe" video below;

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9XWexlTKa0[/embedyt]

...there are many other reasons as to why I love this place so very much. One of which is reuniting with great friends, Grant and Monique Marcus along with their incredible team is always a highlight. Enjoying the tranquility of the very homely lodge and taking full advantage of one of the most productive water holes in the western half of the reserve.

What Have I Missed Most In 2020 | Wild Eye | Madikwe | Travel | Safari What Have I Missed Most In 2020 | Wild Eye | Madikwe | Travel | Safari What Have I Missed Most In 2020 | Wild Eye | Madikwe | Travel | Safari

Seeing that this special adventure was my first scheduled postponement of the year, after giving it some thought, I know now what have I missed most in 2020, so far...

It is the magic that happens behind this small door...

Any guesses???

What Have I Missed Most In 2020 | Wild Eye | Madikwe | Travel | Safari

If you guested a braai (BBQ), this is a very close contender but is fortunately something that I have mastered and can enjoy at home.

What this magical little oven is used for is something I have not fully mastered, YET, and is an oven that probably makes some of the best pizzas in South Africa if not on the entire continent thanks to Gabriel and his team!

What Have I Missed Most In 2020 | Wild Eye | Madikwe | Travel | Safari

For those of you that have visited this special place will totally back me on this right?

What is not to love about an endless supply of super thin, deliciously tasty pizza? Literally though, Gabriel will continue to make pizza and deliver it to the table until you tell him you cannot eat anymore...

So yes, believe it or not, Nkurru Lodge pizza is the answer to what have I missed most in 2020; so far...

Hope you have enjoyed this light-hearted blog and that I have not made you too hungry..? Feel free to leave me your answers in the comments below on the question in topic, as well as if you are willing to join us on a Madikwe safari and accept the Nkurru 'all you can eat pizza' challenge

Until next time;


2 thoughts on “What I’ve Missed Most in 2020

  1. Tracey Igoe


    I agree 100% Mike!! Nkurru is a little bit of paradise – watching the video made me smile. We spent a wonderful week there last October, I cannot wait to return. Gabriels pizza is the BEST!!!

    • Michael Laubscher

      Hello Tracey

      It sure is a special place and thank you for taking the time to watch the video and for the comment.

      One day soon we will get you back there!

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