Why Choose a Photographic Safari

What is the difference between a safari and a photographic safari? And why should you choose a photographic safari?

To many the mere words ''Photo Safari'' can be quite intimidating and automatically off putting if the individual isn't photographically inclined. If you are one of those individuals, I hope that this blog puts your mind at ease.

This is a question that us guides get asked on a frequent basis and I thought in this blog I would give you all a little bit of insight regarding the above.

The truth is there are many different safaris out there and many different operators. Im not going to discuss the different operators in the blog as I would rather focus on the safari aspect and why a photographic safari is for YOU.

Although a safari has the title ''Photographic Safari'', this does not mean that, or let me say - should not mean that it is only for photographers.

Photographic safaris are aimed at getting into the best positions and spending extended periods of time with subjects out in the field, to me this is the best way to be out on safari. Why? Although it is great to go on safari and see 5 different leopards on one drive, what do you take away from that experience? You may drive around from sighting to sighting and see plenty, but I believe that a safari is more than that. A safari should be an immersive experience, appreciating everything in nature.

Would you like the above experience OR would you like to immerse yourself in your surroundings and benefit from all that the bush has to offer? Spending time with animals is crucial, imagine spending an afternoon at a waterhole with a herd of elephants playing, splashing, drinking and interacting with each other. How special would that be? Doing this, you feel like you have shared a large portion of the day with your subject/s. You may take a picture or two or even a recording with your cell phone, but thats not as important as the experience you had and the memory you will carry of that particular sighting. Isn't that worth more than racing around from sighting to sighting?

A photographic safari allows you to do just that. Whether there is action on the go or you are watching a pride of lions passed out sleeping, we always need to remember how privileged and fortunate we are to be able to be out in the bush. Yes, it is great to take away a wonderful set of images from a safari, but those also serve as a reminder of the moments that were shared out in the field and those moments wouldn't be possible unless you spend time in sightings and just soaked up the African bush.

If you are interested in doing a safari, photographic or not, the most important thing in planning the safari is to do the research. Safaris and holidays in general can become quite expensive and for many, it is a once in a life time opportunity.

At Wild Eye, our safaris are designed for anyone and everyone. With all our guides having previous full time guiding experience in some of the most prestigious lodges in Southern Africa, it is about the experience. Yes, we do offer our photographic experience, but we are here to guide YOU through your safari experience and make sure that YOU get the best possible safari experience possible.

Why Choose a Photographic Safari

If you have any further questions regarding anything that I have mentioned above please drop me a comment below and I am happy to assist you further.

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