Why I Return to the Wild Eye Mara Camp: A Guest’s Perspective

You've heard our entire team talk about just how special the Wild Eye Mara Camp in Kenya's Mara Triangle Conservancy is - if not then where have you been hiding?

I thought i'd look at sharing a guests perspective on how special the camp, the staff and the experience is.

Silke Hullman is from Germany and first visited the Wild Eye Mara Camp way back in 2016 and has visited pretty much every year since then. Whilst the location and some of the facilities have changed (for the better I might add) since her first visit, there are a number of things that remain exactly the same - the incredible staff for example.

I caught up with Silke via zoom recently to chat through here experiences and to find out why she keeps returning to the Wild Eye Mara Camp.

Silke was kind enough to share a selection of her favorite images from all her visits to the Masai mara over the years. What I love about these images is that it showcases how its most certainly not just about the big cats and migratory herds - theres so much more to discover in the Mara Triangle Conservancy!

There are a number of reasons that our multiple repeat guests return to the Wild Eye Mara Camp year after year but the most common thread revolves around our incredible team of guides and camp staff. So much so that there's a saying that has developed and rings true:

"We came for the wildlife but will return for the people..."

See what our guests have to say

"I traveled with Wild Eye for the first time to the Masai Mara and it was a truly life changing experience! The team is so professional and knowledgeable and at the Mara camp l found my family away from home!"

The Wild Eye Mara Camp

This idyllic piece of Africa will give you an authentic African safari experience in an intimate setting, totally immersed in nature and truly escaping from the realities that are happening in our current lives.

2 thoughts on “Why I Return to the Wild Eye Mara Camp: A Guest’s Perspective

  1. Nancy Anderson


    Silke you did an outstanding job with this interview on the Masa Mara. Andrew asked the right questions! The photographs you chose were incredible…especially the first one of Scar. I enjoyed this very much.

    • Andrew Beck

      Thanks so much for the kind words and feedback Nancy! Hope to see you back in camp one day soon…

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