Why You Should Review Your Images Before You delete Them

How many of you just delete an image or two without really taking a proper look at them?

We are all guilty of doing this and that’s ok, but I want to share a simple piece of advice with you that has significantly helped my photography as well as those who have spent time with me out in the field. This may sound silly, but it is something that I feel is important that not many of us photographers take advantage of.

Reviewing all of your images is a crucial part of growing and learning as a photographer. In wildlife photography no two scenes are ever exactly the same, but being able to understand what when wrong in a photograph or the reason why you want to delete it goes a long way in preparing for the next time you are not necessarily in the same position but a similar position to get the shot.

Understanding your camera and photographic techniques, when to use them when not to use them will often save you time in the field and enable you to get the shot that you may have otherwise over looked or simply missed.

Remember: EVERY photograph has a lesson in it, be it a great photograph or a bad one.

Until next time, happy shooting...


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