Wild Eye Diaries Episode 34

This episode includes:

00:35 – Introduction to Episode 34 – Alistair

04:38 – Trevor pops in for a brief update on his past two weeks in the Mara. More updates to follow soon.

07:07 – Mike provides us with an awesome highlights package of his last few months on safari!

19:42 – Johan speaks about his privately guided trip to both Cape Town and the Kruger National Park

23:05 – Andrew is off to Hwange to host the very first Hwange Lion Conservation Safari. We hear from Andrew as he was departing for the safari

26:13 – Gerry has spent an enormous amount of time compiling a very exciting Masai Mara Wildlife Photography Workshop Booklet. Gerry shares the contents of the booklet with us this week

35:22 – Wrapping things up!

In case you missed episodes 1-33, you can find them HERE

I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode!

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