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So you love nature and wildlife, travel and safari, adventure and experience. You also love exclusivity, a premium experience that is catered to your specific needs. You don't mind spending time in the company of others but when it comes to your safari travel experience you want to be able to get the most from it in the company of a skilled professional. If this sounds like the experience you've been looking for, then look no further than a life changing Wild Eye Private Guided Tour.

What is a Private Guided Tour?

A private guided experience is centered around you & your enjoyment. You'll travel in the company of a professional Wild Eye guide for the entire duration of the tour. It's private and exclusive and therefore offers you the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of being on safari to the fullest, all whilst being in the company of a guide and host who's sole purpose is to ensure that you are taken care of beyond your expectation, from start to finish.

How it works?

You'll be in touch with a Wild Eye guide from day one. This could be any one of our skilled guides or a guide you specifically request, the advantage is that you can create a travel experience based on any place you'd most love to visit. It could be trekking gorillas in Uganda, walking with elephants in Mana Pools or watching leopards within close proximity in South Africa's Sabi Sands. You work with your Wild Eye guide to fine tune an itinerary & experience that best suits your needs & wishes. Our guides are not only experienced in their own rights, but also draw on the extensive travel experience of the entire Wild Eye team when planning your private guided tour.

Please take note that a private guided tour needn't be limited to African based travel only. Our service extends to a list of exciting international destinations too, the likes of tracking Jaguars in the Brazilian Pantanal or looking for the tigers of Ranthambore in India to name but a few.

What exactly is the difference between a private guided tour and a scheduled safari?

You may have noticed that we have a number of scheduled tours on offer. These are set departures which:

  • Run over predetermined dates (carefully chosen to provide guests with the best possible experience)
  • Cater for between 3 and 12 guests per departure
  • Are hosted by a Wild Eye Tour and Expedition leader
  • Provide guests with expert photographic tuition and guidance as part of the safari package
  • Are mostly costed on a single basis (each guest to their own room)

A private guided tour on the other hand gives you complete flexibility over the camps, time spent in a particular area, travel dates and in addition, the full dedicated attention of your very own Wild Eye guide.

When booking with us, guests enjoy the following benefits:

  • Important travel documents, E-Tickets, day-by-day itinerary and weather forecasts all accessible on your phone via our travel app
  • From the moment you start planning your private guided tour until you say goodbye, your guide, with the backup of the dedicated Wild Eye Private Guiding Team, will be there with you every step of the way to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying your nature and wildlife experience
  • Whether you are traveling to different destinations or you are returning for a second or even third safari, the continuity from centralising all of your travel plans ensures that your safari runs smoothly from start to finish
  • We will work with you to customise everything from the level of accommodation to the destination and areas to visit in order to maximise the potential to see and experience as much as possible

A private guided tour is without doubt the best way to enjoy the safari experience in an exclusive manner. You'll have the dedicated attention of your Wild Eye guide with no interruption from other guests or travellers. It's a premium experience and will no doubt change the way you see the world!

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Wild Eye Scheduled Safaris

Whether it’s the quintessential safari experience you’re after, your first time in Africa, or if some of our more adventurous expedition-style offerings appeal to you, we guarantee that we have the perfect tour for you.

Private Safaris

You don’t mind spending time in the company of others, but when it comes to your safari you want to be looked after, and perhaps even taught a new skill by a seasoned, professional safari guide. This is the Wild Eye Private Guided Safari Experience.

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