Wild Eye Private Lightroom Tuition

If you are anything like our Wild Eye guides, growing increasingly tired of 'lockdown life', and dreaming of your next African adventure, you’ve probably been scrolling through hundreds of images and videos, reminiscing about the amazing times, and the incredible wildlife sightings you’ve experienced on safari over the years.

Introducing Private Lightroom Tuition Sessions

Whilst we may not be able to travel during this uncertain period, we'd like to travel back in time and relive these moments with you, and assist in editing some of your favourite images with a fresh set of eyes, a unique outlook, and a handful of really useful post processing techniques.

Not only would we have some fun catching up on past adventures, sharing in the stories and memories, you’d walk away with a bunch of your very own, fully processed images to add to your collections.

Here's what one of our guests has to say about the Service

"When I found out that Wild Eye is now offering private Zoom sessions with one of their expert guides, I was very enthusiastic and immediately booked some time with Mike to help me edit my photos in Lightroom.

I could not imagine a more productive way to spend an hour. What I love most is that the time is individually tailored and lets us focus on my own images. Mike helped bring my photos to the next level without overwhelming me with too much theory yet explaining the program in just the right dose. Additionally, I received a video of our work together which I regularly refer to when editing pictures on my own.

It was the perfect combination and as soon as my first hour was over I signed up for another one."

Barbara Hartmann

So how does it work?

Head on over and visit the Wild Eye Online Tuition page where you'd choose a time and date that suits you, and an available guide will be auto-assigned to you.

Alternatively, if you'd like your sessions to be with a specific guide, clicking on their names below will direct you to their own scheduling platforms where you'll be able to interact with the guides directly:

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Either way, you have the option for:

  • A single, 1 hour private session ($55)
  • A bundle of 3 separate 1 hour sessions ($150)
  • A bundle of 5 separate 1 hour sessions ($230)

In addition, if you'd like to purchase a bundle session, it is possible to have your sessions split across multiple guides to increase your exposure to the entire team, slightly different ways of interpreting your images, and a few unique ways of post processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform is used to facilitate the online tuition?
We make use of Zoom for hosting the online tuition and, once purchasing your preferred bundle, you'll receive an invite along with a meeting link for your very first session. Whilst not necessary, we would suggest downloading and installing the application to ensure that your session runs as smoothly as possible.

Is it possible to get a recording of the online tuition session?
Yes indeed, your host will record and share a link to a downloadable video of your entire session, allowing you to relive the experience at your own pace.

Can I choose which guide will host the session?
Yes it is possible to have your sessions split across multiple guides to increase your exposure to the entire team, slightly different ways of interpreting your images, and a few unique ways of post processing.

Is it possible to have a session last for more than 1 hour?
Yes, when purchasing a bundle pack your first session will be one hour and, when scheduling your next session you can request for a 2 hour long tuition time slot.

How would one structure a 5 hour Bundle?
If you like a bit of structure, here's a great example of how you can use your 5 hour bundle to get to grips with Lightroom.

  1. Importing Images and Structuring Your Catalog Module
  2. The Basics of Editing an Image
  3. Special Adjustment Tools
  4. Practical Editing 1 – Working through your RAW images
  5. Practical Editing 2 – Working through your RAW images

Our Wild Eye Private Lightroom Tuition sessions will see us taking the learning and teaching that we are known for in the field, online, and aim to ensure that you gain the most out of your personalised Lightroom Editing sessions with the guides.

Just another way that the team at Wild Eye would like to Change the Way you See the World!

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