Behind The Frame: Jaguar

Are you looking to improve your photography editing skills, specifically your wildlife photography editing skills? if you answered yes, then our Behind the Frame series is just for you!

Join our expert photographic guides on the last Friday of every month, as they talk you through various editing styles of many different species from many different locations. Learn some new tips and tricks from the pros and take your wildlife photography to the next level!

In this episode, Wild Eye guide Michael Laubscher sits down to show you just how he would go about editing an image of a jaguar hunt scene. He captured the image while on safari last year.

Grab some coffee and let's jump in.


Behind The Frame - Jaguar - Michael Laubscher - Wild Eye


Behind The Frame - Jaguar - Michael Laubscher - Wild Eye

I really hope you learnt something new in this episode of Behind the Frame! Please feel free to reach out in the comments below, YouTube comments or on Instagram, should you have any questions on going on safari, wildlife photography or post-processing. Don't forget to check out our Tour Calendar, for a selection of some of the awesome scheduled tours we offer - all of which are hosted by a Wild Eye photographic guide.

Next month, Johan Van Zyl will be hosting an episode on editing an image of one of Africa's great apes. You are bound to not only learn more about the great apes, but also about trekking them, photographing them and ultimately editing those images for prime time!

Until next time, thanks so much for tunning in,

Michael Laubscher

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