This Is Wild Eye

This, is Wild Eye.

For a little over a decade now, Wild Eye has positioned itself as a leader in the photographic safari industry. Our team of dedicated guides and travel planners continue to work tirelessly to create, and host, life-changing safari experiences to exciting destinations in Africa, and elsewhere around the world.

Join us on our journey, and allow us the opportunity to ‘change the way you see the world’!


So you love nature and wildlife, travel and safari, adventure and experience. You also love exclusivity, a premium experience that is catered to your specific needs. You don't mind spending time in the company of others but when it comes to your safari travel experience you want to be able to get the most from it in the company of a skilled professional. If this sounds like the experience you've been looking for, then look no further than a life changing Wild Eye Private Guided Tour.


We have an incredible team at Wild Eye.

Yeah, I might be biased but I'm convinced we have one of the best travel, photographic and guiding teams in the game.  The way we managed to fight through Covid, the level of our in the field education and inspiration, our incredible finance and logistics ream and the amazing guest feedback all tell the same story... our team is next level awesome!

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