By completing a booking form you give consent to Wild Eye Destinations & Photographic (Pty) Ltd (Wild Eye) to collect, process and store information from an existing client, vendor, supplier, contract service provider and/or future vendor/customer/contract service provider/guest in terms of the Protection of Information Act, 4 of 2013 (POPIA).

The Act reads: To promote the protection of personal information processed by public and private bodies; to introduce certain conditions so as to establish minimum requirements for the processing of personal information; to provide for the establishment of an Information).

By accessing the website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1. Introduction

In terms of POPI, Wild Eye Destinations and Photographic (Pty) Ltd; has a legal duty to process customers and/or clients and/or guests and/or vendors shared information in a lawful, legitimate and responsible manner. To discharge this duty, Wild Eye requires your express and informed permission to process your personal and/or businesses information. 

This information may be for a natural person or a juristic.

This information has already been freely shared with Wild Eye from our clients, vendors, suppliers and contract service. Future consent will be gathered by a consent form and will further formalize the consent given by all new vendors, suppliers and contract service providers associated with Wild Eye.

In the event of you refusing to give the required consent, Wild Eye will still have the right, in terms of POPI, to process your information without your consent under the following circumstances: where such processing and use of your personal or that of our vendors, suppliers and contract service providers information is necessary in order to give effect to a contractual relationship as between you and Wild Eye; where such processing is required in terms of a law, such as without limiting the generality thereof, and these laws include but are not limited to the collection of the following :

  • Names of contact persons; Name of Legal Entity; Physical and Postal address and contact details; Financial related information; Tax related information; authorised signatories, beneficiary information.
  • Or where such processing is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of Wild Eye or a third party.

The consequence of withholding consent or personal information is that Wild Eye may not be able to provide you with its services.

2. Storage and Retention and Destruction of information

All personal information will be held and/or stored securely for the purpose of carrying out legitimate business practices and being able to offer our services to the clients, vendors, suppliers and contract service providers. 

Your information may be stored on an electronic database while some information may be retained in hard copy. Once the information is no longer required, it will be destroyed in accordance with our Data Protection Policy. 

Retention of records will be in accordance to the Tax periods required for SARS and the periods required by law for audit purposes.

3. Right to Object

In terms of Section 11 (3) of the POPI Act, you have the right to object in the prescribed manner to Wild Eye for processing your personal information.

On receipt of your objection, Wild Eye will place a hold on any further processing until the cause of the objection has been resolved. Objections must be sent to the Information Officer of Wild Eye.

Objections can be sent to: lara@wild-eye.com

4. Accuracy of Information and Onus

POPI requires that all information and related details supplied be complete, accurate and up to date. It is your responsibility to advise Wild Eye of any changes to your personal, or that of Wild Eye and clients, vendors, suppliers and contract service providers that you represent’ s, information as and when these may occur.

5. Access to your information

You have the right, to ask Wild Eye to provide you with details of any of your personal information which Wild Eye holds on your behalf; and the details as to what Wild Eye has done with that personal information, provided that such a request is made in writing to the Information Officer: lara@wild-eye.com

6. Complaints

You have the right to address any complaints to the Information Officer at: lara@wild-eye.com

7. Declaration and Informed consent

By filling out a booking form and/or enquiry form on our website, you: 

  • Declare that all information and any further relevant information supplied to Wild Eye for the purposes of enabling Wild Eye to carry out its business including related legal and operational reasons, is accurate, up to date, is not misleading, and complete in all respects. 
  • Undertake to immediately advise Wild Eye of any changes to any information should any of these details change.

You furthermore give Wild Eye permission to process the information supplied as provided above and acknowledge and understand the purposes for which it is required and for which it will be used.

Upon request, Wild Eye can provide a copy of the full POPI policy.