A Safari In April

Has your dream been to go on safari in April?

Or perhaps to just go on a safari?

You're in luck!

The Amboseli & Lake Nakuru safari is around the corner (19-29 April 2022) and we have only one space left on this safari.

Over the past four years, this safari has produced absolute magic for the lucky few that have joined us. I have no doubt at all that this year will be no different. I say "for the lucky few" because this safari offers a great level of exclusivity at a give away price.

This 10 day adventure will only accommodate a total of only three guests hosted by one Wild Eye guide.

Included in the package;

  • Transfer to your hotel on arrival in Kenya.
  • First night accommodation in Nairobi at the Four Points Hotel.
  • Vehicle transfer to and from Lake Nakuru.
  • All safari accommodation.
  • All meals
  • All drinks & snacks while out on game drive/in Wild Eye Vehicle
  • House drinks while in the Amboseli.
  • Daily game drive activities, in private vehicle
  • Conservation fees, and entrance fees
  • Internal flights (Nairobi to Amboseli)
  • Extra baggage on flight back to Nairobi
  • Road transfer for International flight on the last day
  • Current taxes
  • Wild Eye photographic guide throughout

The incredible wildlife encounters and photographic possibilities on the Amboseli Lake Nakuru Safari are endless, most sought after of all would be a lion or leopard within the woodland of Lake Nakuru and the huge elephant herds that roam the foothills of Kilimanjaro. It's a great safari experience and one not to miss if you want to get to know these two Kenyan parks a little more.

The video below will give you a bit more of an idea of what to expect when you come join us on a safari in April;

This safari affords guests the opportunity to spend a bit more time in two of Kenya’s most popular photographic destinations. Amboseli finds itself at the foothills of the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro. It's one of the most scenic national parks and one of my favourites in Africa. When the mountain is in full view, it will leave you with memories like no other. There is an abundance of wildlife that call the park home and you also stand a good chance of seeing a few of the iconic tuskers, some of the largest elephants in Africa today.

Guests will also explore the wildlife haven known as Lake Nakuru. The park is home to a large fever tree forest, and it is within this forest where the magic happens. Game drives will meander in and out of the woodland and along the shore of the lake.

This is honestly and adventure you do not what to miss out on!

Please see the details below if you wish to join us on a safari in April that will 'Change The Way You See The World!'

Amboseli & Lake Nakuru Safari

Read more about an adventure which will offer you a feast of senes and visual experiences of epic proportions.

What makes this safari so special is that fact that Mount Kilimanjaro and the mystical fever tree forests forms the backdrop for almost every image, providing incredible photographic opportunities.

Having our own, private vehicles and local guides means we do not have to stick to lodge game drives times and can spend our time in search of sightings in the two scenic National Parks between sunrise and sunset.

Feel free to reach out to me - michael@wild-eye.co.za

I look forward to this adventure with you!

Until then;

Bye Bye.

Michael Laubscher

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