North America & Canada

Our current footprint in this region includes an exciting expedition to Canada’s central British Columbia coastline in search of the incredible array of wildlife that frequent the area.

Departures to British Columbia provide guests with the opportunity to explore the Khutzeymateen Valley that holds Canada’s only grizzly bear sanctuary and home to one of British Columbia’s most important coastal bear populations, as well as the infamous Great Bear Rainforest – an area rich with biodiversity – from the herring and salmon in the sea, large coastal carnivores, and massive cedar trees and hemlocks, there’s something to see and photograph everywhere you look.

Why Visit?

Spend time with the rare Spirit Bear

View Black Bears, Grizzlies and coastal Wolves

World class Whale and Orca Viewing

Incredible and Dramatic Coastal Landscapes

Small, intimate group departures

Experienced Expedition Leaders

Go Ashore and Explore

This adventure sees guests going ashore each day in search for signs of bears, coastal wolves and pine martin amongst the old growth temperate rainforest. At sea, there’s the ever-present opportunity to spot humpback whales, orca and other marine mammals as we travel the fjords below towering rock faces and rushing waterfalls.

The Great Bear Rainforest

Far from any normal photo experience, this expedition is a search for a mythical animal in an ancient, near spiritual landscape. Instilling a true sense of adventure, the Great Bear Rainforest Expedition is an experience of a lifetime.

6 Highlights in the Region

Spirit bears

Neither albino nor polar bear, the spirit bear (also known as the Kermode bear) is a white variant, and subspecies of the North American black bear, with a rare recessive gene that makes their fur white, found almost exclusively in the Great Bear Rainforest. This expedition is your best chance of seeing one of these magnificent species in the wild.

Homestay Experiences

A native Tsimshian word meaning “a confined space for salmon and bears”, the Khutzeymateen area is Canada’s only grizzly bear sanctuary, and home to protected populations of coastal bears. Explore the enchanted coastal forests in search of these mystical creatures.

Whale and orca viewing

Stationed at sea, there’s the ever-present opportunity to spot humpback whales, schools of orca and other marine mammals as we travel the fjords along the coastline.

Incredible landscapes

Canada’s Western Coast encompasses a vast network of mist-shrouded fjords, densely forested islands, and glacier-capped mountains. On this adventure, we travel the fjords below towering rock faces and rushing waterfalls, an awe-inspiring sight.

Small traveling group size

A small group and exclusive use of the yacht for the duration of the trip, allows for flexibility, and true expedition style adventure with a focus on going ashore at a moment’s notice.

Experienced expedition leaders

Throughout the tour, we’d have experienced expedition leaders on hand at all times. Being familiar with the area’s wildlife hotspots, notable landscapes and history means we’re always exposed to the very best this expedition has to offer.

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