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5 Exciting Destinations to compliment your Masai Mara Safari Experience

The Masai Mara is without a doubt one of Africa's most iconic wildlife areas, drawing many tourists from around the world each year. Regardless of whether you are wanting to witness the Great Wildebeest Migration  or if you're simply wanting experience the raw beauty and diversity of the region out of peak season, the Masai Mara [...]

The Best Of Uganda Trip Report

I know this is well overdue. Rather late than never they say. With that said, please allow me a few minutes of your time to share the Best of Uganda trip report with you. On 24 May 2021, I set off on a three week adventure into Uganda. I had hosted one of our 11 [...]

The Start Of The 2021 Wild Eye Mara Season

The wait is over!!! Today I am privileged to let you all know that the 2021 Wild Eye Mara Season is a go! In the same breath, what a phenomenal start it was. The special moments our guests were blessed with; both in the field and in the camp, were numerous and pretty much endless, [...]

This is why you should be excited to travel to the Masai Mara

Having never been to the Masai Mara myself, one day seeing everything that there is on offer is a thrilling thought  for me. When one thinks about the Masai Mara, immediately your first thought is the great migration. Hundreds and thousands of animals in line of sight is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. All [...]

Travel to South Africa with Wild Eye

South Africa attracts millions of travellers to its shores with its unique blend of old and modern Africa. It has an abundance of wildlife and scenery – from the sandy beaches, forest-covered cliffs, amazing marine life on its coastline to arid deserts, peak-filled mountain ranges and open bushveld savannah. One of the main attractions is [...]

Luke Street – This Is Me

It’s been a while since I wrote something about myself, we as guides are so often writing about the sightings we saw or the camera setup we use or the perfection of a Land Rover Defender in comparison to the imperfection of a Land Cruiser (that’ll ruffle some feathers!). In fact, it’s been so long [...]

Private Mana Pools and Tswalu Experience

A Private Mana Pools and Tswalu experience combines two of the most iconic and unique parks in Southern Africa. The walking experience you get in Mana Pools is unmatched to any other destination in Africa and gives you the unique ability to view and photograph potentially dangerous game on foot. One of the main attractions [...]

Places We Love: Selati Camp | Sabi Sabi Game Reserve | South Africa

Sabi Sabi Selati Camp is situated deep within the African bushveld, nestled in South Africa’s famous Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve. This beautiful camp was built and styled in a olden 'colonial' way, taking you back to the pioneering safari. It is vintage, authentic, raw, yet ultra-luxurious Africa. Overlooking the Msuthlu riverbed, your eyes will [...]

Matt Yardley – Where It All Began

I clearly remember that day that I decided to throw in the clipboard at my comfortable retail job and walk out the doors to pursue a career as a safari guide.  It was a really hot and humid day and I was dressed in formal wear which was required by the company. I had to [...]

Places We Love: MalaMala and Rattray’s Camps | South Africa

MalaMala, situated in the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve South Africa, is built on the riverbank of the renowned Sand River. This place has haunted the dreams of wildlife enthusiast worldwide since its establishment in the 1930’s. Stories of MalaMala have changed in certain aspects over the years, no doubt, but back then a safari [...]

Michael Appalsamy – I’m just living out my boyhood dream

In short, I am just living out a young boy’s dream.  Now, for a little bit of detail. Growing up as a young boy I use to go to the bush on many occasions with my father. Whether it was taking the dogs to the local dam to do some fishing or going away on our [...]

Travel to Kenya with Wild Eye

Kenya is acclaimed as one of Africa’s premier safari destinations. With a population of approximately 47.6 million people (reported figures as of 2017) and over 40 tribes, Kenya spans the equator in East Africa and is bordered by Tanzania (south), Uganda (west), Sudan (northwest), Ethiopia (north) and Somalia (north-east). Its 550 kilometre (341 mile) coastline [...]

Does the camera you use really matter?

Does the Camera you use really matter? Something that has come up quite a bit recently is camera gear. Technology is constantly changing in our every day lives and camera gear is no different. As humans, it is only natural for us to want to keep up with the times and have the latest phone [...]

Iceland in winter vs Iceland in summer

Often when speaking to people about safaris and tours the conversation naturally goes to destinations they've visited and destinations that would still like to visit.  I find it pretty sad that people will say often something like "no, I've already been to the Mara / Madikwe / Svalbard so I'd rather go somewhere new". The [...]

Seasons in The Masai Mara: When to visit and what to Expect

Africa is home to some of the most spectacular wildlife viewing on the planet, and it should come as no surprise that the vast migratory herds filling the plains of the Masai Mara and Serengeti is among the continent’s top attractions. In fact, The Masai Mara National Reserve has been voted the Greatest Game Reserve [...]

Places We Love: Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, South Africa

Tswalu Kalahari Reserve is a vast, magical land of infinite possibility, with sweeping vistas and a liberating sense of space - it doesn't get more exclusive than this. With a private vehicle, guide and tracker assigned to every group you'll have an unprecedented level of flexibility and exclusivity during your stay at Tswalu allowing you [...]

Talking through an image

All too often in photography, people either overthink or underthink their images.  Some people like to look at the details and analyse their images to the point where it becomes counter-productive and only serves to create doubt and a lack of confidence in their own ability. It is good to talk about your photography and [...]

5 reasons why you should join me in Iceland

I've just returned from another photo tour to Iceland and was once again reminded of why I enjoy the Arctic so much.  It's not only the feeling that you're going to another world but also the natural beauty, the people and the overall feel that a place like Iceland gives you. This was my first [...]

Gallery: Private Guided Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park Safari

This trip was the realisation of a long awaited dream for one of our regular guests and is certainly one of the more unusual Private Guided safaris that we have crafted for our guests. For those that don't know, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park is a spectacular place where the red dunes and scrub fade [...]

Why I Love Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. There are many reasons why I love photography, not the least of which is that a photograph (or a series of them) has the ability to convey stories to those that view them. Over the centuries people have gathered around campfires, in town [...]

What is Back Button Focus?

What is back button focusing and why is it such a game changer? So the reason I want to do a blog on this is - When I have been on safari, a number of individuals don't know what it is and end up hacking through settings, switching between AI servo(AF-C) and single shot(AF-S) which [...]

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