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Lioness Vs Serval

I have just returned from one truly special week in Madikwe Game Reserve. It was the first safari I have hosted this year, which is crazy considering we are in November! This is obviously due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but I have to say it was such an incredible feeling to be out in the […]

Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

Deep in the African bushveld, within South Africa’s famous Sabi Sand Reserve, ‘something enchanting lies in wait’ – the Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve. Both the Sabi Sand and Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserves are very dear to me. I say this because not only is this beautiful area home to one of the richest game populations […]

The Ultimate Skill

Probably, it could be said, that patience is the most important attribute a photographer must have to be the best they can at what they do. Truly, it cant be stressed enough how important it is to let a scene develop when necessary. Whether it a landscape and you need the sun to burst through […]

Serval – One of Africa’s most secretive creatures

Not many people coming to Africa know of, or have even heard of Servals. These small cats which almost represent the look of a Cheetah have long legs, a small head, large ears and a beautifully spotted and barred coat. Servals have quite a wide distribution in Africa – south of the Sahara, with one […]

Nkurru Lodge, Madikwe

As you read this I am currently on safari at this beautiful destination. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is the first safari of the year that I am hosting. This destination is a very special destination for me and one that I always love hosting. It is such a diverse safari in terms of […]

The Hippopotamus

As we all know, the hippopotamus loves water. There are many reasons as to why and in this blog I will share a few of these reasons with you. A body of water that is deep enough to fully submerge is a hippo’s safest and happiest place, their tranquil breakaway. Hippos are well adapted to […]

My top 3 moments of 2020

No doubt this has been an incredibly tough year for all of us with the COVID-19 pandemic, but despite I am choosing to look at the positives that have come out of this year and as an individual the personal growth I have under gone. “Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is […]

Exposure Compensation

Photography is a true art as we make use of the elements and paint with light. There is so much to keep in mind but exposure compensation is probably the thing that throws off most beginner photographers. My goal with this blog is to simplify exposure compensation for you a bit. To do this, let […]

South Luangwa – The Valley of the Leopard

Experts have dubbed South Luangwa to be one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world, and not without reason. The concentration of animals around the Luangwa River, and its oxbow lagoons, is among the most intense in Africa, including some of the highest densities of hippo and leopard. The Luangwa River is the most […]

Three best ways to photograph a rhino

I recently wrote a blog on – Three of the west ways to an elephant where I wrote about how challenging it can be to photograph larger animals such as buffalo, rhino and elephant. In today’s blog I want to focus on the three ways to best photograph a rhino. This is all part of […]

Welcome To The Brand New Wild Eye Studio

We’re incredibly proud to share the news with you. We’ve always put you, our clients, first. In everything we do we aim to change the way you see the world, and as we launch our brand new studio and all the associated content, this is exactly what we’ll do. In joining us online you will […]

Madikwe Private Game Reserve

Madikwe Private Game Reserve. A reserve that I fronded upon for years prior to starting with Wild Eye. I honestly thought a visit would be a total waste of time. This was clearly due to my pure lack of knowledge regarding this safari destination. I was sent out on an exciting adventure shortly after joining […]

Hippos – Africa’s most misunderstood animal

When you speak to most people around the world, Hippos are often interpreted or stated as the animal that kills the most people in Africa every year. Although I personally have my doubts around this statistic, it is important to understand the following facts: There are many villages along Africa’s main rivers such as the […]

Wild Eye Webinars – October and November 2020

At Wild Eye our goal is to change the way you see the world.  This is something we do both in the field when we host expeditions and safaris around the world but also online where we continually try to bring value to our guests, followers and community. Even though the world is changing every […]

Kambaku Safari Lodge

”Welcome to a new existence in a place where legends linger. It’s a place where a piece of Africa’s living heritage has been immaculately conserved. Enter the world of this continent’s most majestic wildlife. Comprehend the word tranquillity. Our lodges are benchmarks on the map of African hospitality. Every day is an opportunity to experience […]

The Red-Billed Oxpecker

The red-billed oxpecker (Buphagus erythrorhynchus) is native to the savannah of Sub-Saharan Africa. It ranges across Ethiopia and Somalia through Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia into Southern Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Southern Mozambique, and North-Eastern South Africa. They are a bulbul-sized, olive-brown bird that sports a diagnostic all red bill and a red eye surrounded by a fleshy yellow wattle. […]

Lens recommendations for Tswalu Kalahari

Tswalu Kalahari is known as one of the prime photographic destinations in Africa. This vast reserve, which is the largest privately owned game reserve in Africa plays home to a variety of different species, most of which are rare and endangered. But what lenses would maximise your photographic opportunities during your time here? Firstly it […]


MalaMala Game Reserve. It is no secret as to what lies within this property, for lack of a better word. It should be described as a haven more than a ‘property’; and a haven it truly is. For all sorts of wildlife indeed, but its claim to fame certainly derives from its unmatched numbers of […]

What I learnt from Gentle Giants

This past week, I was fortunate enough to spend many hours around and with elephants. This week was a massive eye opener for me, the reason being is I went on the trip without posting on social media or anything of the sort. I took this week for me and to reconnect with the bush. […]

Understand Your Focus Modes

I’m sure you will all agree in me saying, nothing ruins a photograph more than an unintentional blurry and/or soft image. The autofocus feature is an incredible tool but it is vital for you to understand your focus modes. It is also good to know that as useful as autofocus is, sometimes the camera gets […]

Duma Tau Camp – A Gem in Botswana

Duma Tau, meaning ‘roar of the lion’ is a luxury tented camp situated in northern Botswana’s Linyanti Concession. I had the privilege of working as the manager of this beautiful camp for a couple of years. Botswana is without a doubt one of the premier safari destinations in Africa, most famous for the Okavango Delta, […]

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