Image Review: Christine Hogan | Botswana Wilderness Safari

Welcome to our latest post centered around constructive image review of images submitted by on of our many guests.

In this feature, one of our experienced Wild Eye guides provides insightful critiques of images taken by guests on a recent safari. Unlike our Behind The Frame feature which features a favorite image from one of our guides, this session offers guidance on enhancing photographs that guests may find challenging to edit or process.

This is something that all of our guests will have the opportunity to participate in after their safari experience with us. Another way that we continue to change the way you see the world!

In this feature, Andrew Beck reviews images submitted by Christine Hogan from a recent Botswana Wilderness Safari experience at the end of 2023.

If you have been on safari with Wild Eye and you would like your own images reviewed, then please reach out to our team here. And don't forget we have a YouTube Channel full of useful and inspiring content for you all to enjoy. If you enjoy the content, then please consider subscribing.

Andrew Beck

Looking for more of this type of content?

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