Early Bird Specials

Book 18 months out and SAVE!

It’s simple really, by planning in advance and booking your safari 18 months or more in advance, you’ll unlock savings of up to $500 per person depending on the safari of your choice.

Reduced Deposit Value

Booking well in advance will result in a reduction in the deposit value required to secure your space on your safari. Only 35% deposit, and a three stage payment plan, as opposed to our standard 50% deposit terms.

Fully Booked

Botswana Mobile Safari

From $0.00 pp

On sale

8 spaces available

Treasures of the Lower Zambezi

From $12,715.00 $13,385.00 pp

2 spaces available

Mana Pools and Kanga Camp

From $11,635.00 pp

On sale

9 spaces available

The Great Migration with Hides & Helicopters in Kenya’s South Rift Valley

From $17,995.00 $18,500.00 pp

1 spaces available

Rainforests Of Borneo

From $16,995.00 pp

On sale

3 spaces available

Botswana Wilderness Safari

From $19,995.00 $20,595.00 pp

Fully Booked

Svalbard Arctic Expedition

From $9,650.00 pp