Buffalo 1 – Vehicle 0

Just a good story about the time a buffalo bull destroyed a Landrover.

This story always pops to mind when guests ask me to tell them about crazy moments that I have experienced as a guide. 

Without giving too much away, allow me to set the scene somewhat. 

Buffalo are large and extremely powerful animals. Bulls, can weigh anywhere from 500 to 1000 kilograms (1,100 to 2,200 pounds).

NEVER let any animals size or shape lead to any assumptions concerning safety.

As large and round as a buffalo is, they can demonstrate surprising agility and speed when threatened or during pursuits and capable of running at speeds of up to 56 kilometres per hour (35 miles per hour). 

This was kind of like being in the wrong place at the wrong time. For the buffalo and for my guests and myself, however at the end of the day the score line most definitely read "buffalo 1 - vehicle 0".

Allow me to share more with you in the video below. 

I hope you enjoyed the story and I am really delighted that I am still here to have shared not with you. If you would like to watch more of our content then please head on over to YouTube. There is a wealth of informative content and tutorials as well as epic sightings and so much more!

A bit of advice I always share is to always expect the unexpected!

Thank you for the time, I truly hoped you enjoyed the story. If you ever encounter a buffalo like this in your journeys, I really hope the score line reads better than buffalo 1 - vehicle 0!

See you in the next one,

Michael Laubscher

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