Best Of The Serengeti Safari

With the 2024 edition of our ever-popular Best of Serengeti safari done and dusted, what better way to start this blog post than with a tally of the prolific species we encountered along the way?

In just under two weeks we saw a total of 219 cats!

180 lion, 59 males, 35 cubs (5 age groups), 15 lion sightings in trees.

20 sightings of cats on kopjes (small rocky outcrop), 3 of which were cheetah.

34 Cheetah (6 cubs).

3 Leopard.

1 African wild cat. 

1 Caracal.

3 Wildebeest Births.

Hyena hunting wildebeest.

9 Black rhino.

Absolutely incredible!

To best understand just how incredible our recent adventure in the Serengeti was, feel free to watch the video below. In it I explain our day to day and show case some of the very special moments we enjoyed and managed to capture throughout the three destinations we visit during the journey.

With so much to share and talk about, grab a cup of coffee folks because this trip report is a long one!

Zebra feed on the plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania.
Best Of The Serengeti 2024 Trip Report - Michael Laubscher - Wild Eye

I wish that each of you could visit this special place at least once. The Serengeti is not just a place on a map. It is a living, breathing testament to the raw power and beauty of nature.

Here, the golden savannah stretches endlessly, echoing with the thundering hooves of countless wildebeest on their Great Migration. It's a symphony of life, where lions stalk gracefully through the tall grass, their amber eyes gleaming with primal wisdom. Acacia trees stand like sentinels, witnessing centuries of life and death under the vast African sky.

Michael Laubscher and his guests posing on a lookout point at the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.
Elephants graze on the plains of the Ngrongoro Crater in Tanzania.

This is a land of contrasts, where the fiery sunsets paint the horizon in hues of orange and crimson, and the night sky unveils its dazzling tapestry of stars.

In the Serengeti, time seems to stand still, yet every moment is alive with the pulse of existence, reminding us of the profound interconnectedness of all living things.

Best Of The Serengeti 2024 Trip Report - Michael Laubscher - Wild Eye
Best Of The Serengeti 2024 Trip Report - Michael Laubscher - Wild Eye

I look forward to seeing you out in the Serengeti one day soon. And don't forget to check out our YouTube channel for more awesome video content like this!

Be blessed.

Michael Laubscher

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