Clothing for safaris and expeditions

I'm sure you've heard the quote that goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing.” This quote was originally coined by Alfred Wainwrigh in 1973 in his book Coast to Coast, and even though it's now more than 50 years later, the point he was trying to make still holds true.

Whether you're embarking on a thrilling safari with us or you're gearing up for an epic expedition in the polar regions, having the right clothing can and will make all the difference. The proper gear and clothing will not only enhance your overall experience but also streamline your packing and preparation process before the trip.

There is nothing worse than being out in the wild places in the world, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and incredible wildlife, but feeling uncomfortable or ill-equipped due to the wrong, or not enough, clothing. That's a surefire way to dampen the excitement and enjoyment of your Wild Eye adventure, so in this post, Johan and I share some packing suggestions for your next safari or expedition in order to help you not overpack and to make sure you're properly prepared when you walk out the door.

We want to make sure that you're fully prepared and can focus on soaking up every moment with us in the field without worrying about what you're wearing, because when you're venturing into the great outdoors, comfort, functionality, and versatility should be your top priorities.

Johan and I recently recorded an episode of The Wild Eye Podcast in which we shared some thoughts on packing for a trip and spoke through the different types of clothing you will need on the various types of safaris and expeditions we host. We followed this up with a video in which we showed you what kind of clothes we normally pack when heading out on safaris or expeditions.

The podcast will give you some context and a better idea of why and when to wear certain pieces of clothing, and in the video, we share, step by step, what you're going to need on your next adventure.

So for now, grab a cup of coffee and a notepad and join us as we share the clothing you'll need for your next safari or expedition.

The Wild Eye Podcast: #479 - Clothing for safaris and expeditions

Video: Clothing for safaris and expeditions

Like I mentioned earlier, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing, and I hope that Johan and I have been able to help you with some of the planning, prepping, and packing for your next Wild Eye adventure.

We have added all the items we spoke about in the above video and podcast to a PDF, which you can download by clicking on the image below. This is a non-exhaustive list you can use once you've booked your next adventure with us.

Wild Eye - Packing List
Click to download the PDF

If you have any specific questions about clothing for safaris or expeditions, please feel free to reach out to Johan or myself, and we'd be more than happy to assist.

Happy planning, good luck with your next adventure, and, as always, don't forget to be awesome.


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