Best Of Pantanal Trip Report

What an amazing 13 day adventure this was.

The six guests and I started our journey exploring southern Pantanal where our main focus was to find the two anteater species, the Giant Anteater and the Southern Tamandua.

We succeeded! In saying this, the area is not only great for the larger mammals. It's an absolute gem for the bird lovers. What's not to enjoy about a breakfast along side macaws, toucans, various other parrots and many other bird and mammal species.

Beautiful sights and incredible photographic opportunities were endless durning our time at Pousada Agapé.

After a comfortable two night stay, we traveled to Bonito. En-route, we stopped at Buraco das Araras. This was a very exciting visit as this area offers incredible photographic opportunities to capture red and green macaws in flight and/or interacting around their nests on the large sinkhole’s cliff face.

We spent about four hours there that afternoon. We all loved it so much that we could not wait to get back. Fortunately, we spent three more hours there the following morning before we flew up towards the northern regions of the Pantanal.

Here we went in search of the mighty Jaguar that roam the rivers. We spent almost seven full days on the river looking for not only Jaguars but also species such as Giant River Otters, Jacare Caiman, Capybara and even the elusive Tapir.

This trip was a major success. We got to see and photograph all the species we were hoping for and so much more.

I kept a running count on the number of Jaguar sightings we got to enjoy during our week on the river and our total came to 33 cat sighting of which, 12 individuals.

Now I will not bore you with any more words and will rather let the following image galleries do some talking for me.

Mammals of the Pantanal

Best Of Pantanal Trip Report - Michael Laubscher - Wild Eye
Best Of Pantanal Trip Report - Michael Laubscher - Wild Eye

Birds of the Pantanal

Best Of Pantanal Trip Report - Michael Laubscher - Wild Eye

The amazing group that joined me in the Pantanal

Brazil's Pantanal is fast becoming a premiere wildlife destination unlike any other on earth and one that will only get better the more you visit it.

Speaking of visiting, if you are planning on exploring this beautiful area in the future I have no doubt the this blog;

will be a good read if you're hoping to capture some special moments while out on the river.

I strongly encourage you to add the Pantanal to your bucket list as it is simply spectacular and if you don't know where to start with the planing, feel free to reach out and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Pantanal highlight video

Join Us In The Pantanal Next Year

This 11 day tour will consist of a small group in the company of a skilled photographic Wild Eye guide, and a local expert guide, ensuring no detail to attention is overlooked. We will maximum time spent looking for and enjoying the company of these incredible cats and while in the company of these experts you’ll be sure to both get the images you’ve dreamed of Jaguars of the Pantanal, as well as learn more about this fascinating wilderness & the striking creatures that inhabit it.

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