Do Not Overthink Your Images

Do not overthink your images.

Yes, understand and think about the technical basics.  Yes, have an appreciation for the various compositional elements that all work together in the frame.  Yes, think about how you put all of these things together when you click the shutter.

But do not overthink your images.

You need to feel your images.

If it feels right to break the rules of thirds, do it.  If it feels right to not have a crystal clear and sharp image because it conveys the mood you are feeling out in the field, keep it.  If it feels right to under or overexpose, do it.

If it feels right, do it.

A while ago I was sitting at Tlou Dam in Madikwe as the sun dipped below the horizon and photographed herd after herd of elephants as the crossed the dam wall to come and drink.  The light was gone and were we worried about creating technically correct images we might as well have packed our gear away.

Focusing was difficult as our autofocus systems were struggling to lock onto anything. Composing was tough as we could hardly see anything and there were some ISO settings in the vehicles which would quite possibly scare quite a few of you.

But none of this mattered as we were enjoying the experience of wildlife photography.  Make no mistake, this exercise was great to teach some of the guests about low light shooting but that was not the goal.  The goal was to enjoy the experience and capture the feeling of the moment.

It just felt right.

Do Not Overthink Your Images

Yes, always keep the basics in mind and have a goal.

But do not overthink your images.

Until next time.


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