Meet the Wild Eye team

We have an incredible team at Wild Eye.

Yeah, I might be biased but I'm convinced we have one of the best travel, photographic and guiding teams in the game.  The way we managed to fight through Covid, the level of our in the field education and inspiration, our incredible finance and logistics ream and the amazing guest feedback all tell the same story... our team is next level awesome!

During the last few weeks I have had sit down conversations with every single person in the Johannesburg office - I will still try and do all the Kenya staff as well - and I hope you enjoy these conversations as much as I did.

Below you'll find all the staff episodes in the order that I recorded them.

Some deep. Some funny. Some informative.  All of them real and authentic!

So grab a cup of coffee, get your headphones and meet our incredible Wild Eye team!

I have loved getting stuck back into the podcast and have some pretty awesome ideas for future episodes.  Will also be chatting to the staff again in future so make sure to keep checking back.

You can find the Wild Eye Podcast on your favourite podcast platform or simply click below to find all the links in one easy to access place.

Wild Eye Podcast

Hope you enjoyed the conversation with the Wild Eye team as much as I did.  Was amazing to get to know them all a little bit better and, I believe, this makes us a better unit overall!

If you have any questions please get in touch and I'll then catch you on the podcast soon.

Until next time, have a great day and don't forget to be awesome.


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