10 Days in the Serengeti

I recently returned from my first safari for the year and it was a goodie!

For this one we focused on the central and western Serengeti and spent 16 nights across 3 different areas. However, for this trip report, I choose to focus on the time spent in the actual Serengeti National Park, as the third lodge we stayed at was in the private Grumeti Game Reserve.

We started off with 4 nights at Asilia Dunia Camp, where we had access to many of the different rocky outcrops, know as koppies, found in this region of the Serengeti. In short, we saw lions, lions on the ground, lions in trees and lions on rocks - it was incredible!

We then moved onto the Western Serengeti and stayed at the beautiful Legendary Expeditions Milla Tented camp. In the western sector, we were afforded a much more exclusive experience as this region of the Serengeti does not experience the same crowds as the central parts. We had the privilege of seeing many, many more lions, lions mating, lions in trees, lions roaring. Oh and we also got to spend go time with Leopards, cheetah and a whole bunch of other characters over the 6 nights.

I hope you enjoy my below trip report video, where a highlight some of the top moments of the safari.

As always, please feel free to leave your comments below or on the video and I wll happily get back to you!

If you would like to find out more information on planning your own private safari, then please check the links below.

Until next, happy snapping



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