A different approach to composition

In episode 401 of The Wild Eye Podcast I share a few thoughts on, and a different way you can think about your composition.

Yes, the rule of thirds is an okay starting place but it doesn't always leave you with the visual energy, visual mass and balance that your images might need.  In this episode I talk about the following three ways i which I am approach my own composition and what I am sharing with clients who travel with me.

  • Protect the frame
  • Keep your corners safe
  • Balance the frame

You can listen to more details on each of these by clicking on the link below or listening to episode 401 on your favorite podcasting app.

Good luck and hope you find some new ideas and inspiration when approaching your own composition and cropping in Lightroom.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions I can assist with.

Happy cropping, stay safe and don't forget to be awesome.


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