Jono Buffey: A New Year for Wild Eye

And just like that 2024 has dawned upon us and we are so looking forward to a new year filled with success, creating happy memories for many of you, implementing sound strategies to successfully continue with our ongoing journey and Changing the way you See the World!

We enter our 13th year as a company and as we move into our “sub-adult” years, we look forward to continued growth and positive progress. We will undoubtedly double down on aspects of our business we carried out particularly well, constantly striving for improvement and reshaping and fine-tuning certain aspects that we believe can be improved. We firmly believe that change should be a constant and continual introspection of our business processes and the manner in which we do things will ensure that we will grow and mature into a great company.

And there will be positive changes this year in many aspects including our structure, financial policies and procedures, setting of significant but achievable goals and the continual search for new ideas and income streams.

We will be completing our 2023/2024 financial year at the end of February and we will be celebrating a record year – not only in financial results – but also in the number of trips we have embarked on, the number of guests that have joined us on our scheduled and private safaris and the impressive growth of our custom tours division which has shown a 52 % increase in income vs the same period as last year.

In respect of the latter, this division which expertly curates' safaris and experiences for individuals, couples, families or friends to enjoy in their own valuable time, without the involvement of a Wild Eye guide, is seen as providing us with the same accelerated growth in years to come.

Wild Eye - Orcas and Northern lights - Gallery
The use of artificial light

We have added or will be including new adventures to our safari calendar. some of which are already on our safari schedule and others which will be added during the first quarter of the new year.

Some of these exciting new trips added include,

Keep an eye on our Tour Calendar as we are always looking for new and exciting adventures to offer our guests.

Have a wonderful 2024, to you all and thank you so much for being a part of our journey.

Jono Buffey


Wild Eye offers photographic safaris, specialised photo workshops, private guided expeditions and custom tours in Africa and elsewhere around the world. Established in 2012 Wild Eye set out to refresh the photographic travel and private guiding industries by focusing on providing a professional service that is fun and relaxed while providing guests with amazing travel experiences and world class service.

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