Behind the frame: Gorilla in Uganda

In this episode of the Behind the Frame series, Johan van Zyl shares an image of a gorilla in Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  This moment was captured during the Best of Uganda tour in July 2021.

Spending time with our distant cousins and locking eyes with them is one of the most humbling experiences you could have.

Our Primates of Uganda consists of two chimpanzee treks and three gorilla treks, ensuring that you get those incredible images you were after and also observe different family groups and their habits.

If you enjoyed this video, view our other Behind the frame episodes and let us know there are any images of ours that you have seen on social media that you would like us to process.


Primates of Uganda

Combining two of the most popular National Parks in Uganda, this experience provides you a front row seat to see and spend time with Chimpanzees and Gorillas in a manner that will simply blow you away.

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