Behind The Frame: Masai Mara Wildlife Photography Workshop

In this episode in the Behind The Frame series, Michael Laubscher shares a Lightroom Edit of an image of a male leopard and a spotted hyena feeding on the same carcass captured during the Masai Mara Wildlife Photography Workshop in November 2022.

The Masai Mara offers incredible photographic opportunity outside of the typical migration period. In fact, many an award winning image have been captured during the shoulder season either sides of the migratory movements. The Mara remains a quintessential safari experience in the so called "shoulder season" and is still one of the bucket list items that any wildlife and nature enthusiast should tick off.

This going hand in hand with our wildlife photographic workshop which is designed with one goal in mind to dive deeper into the technical as well as creative aspects of photography in order to make you a better wildlife photographer!

This is a week full of exciting safari activities, balloting over the vast plains, carefully constructed wildlife photography experiences and presentations focused on taking your photographic knowledge and skills to the next level.

Join us on the Masai Mara Wildlife Photography Workshop this year!

The safari will take learning, in-the-field and post processing tuition to the next level, all of which purpose-built to change the way you see your own wildlife photography!

Through a combination of daily wildlife photography presentations, a detailed workshop manual, a small group of photographers, two expert guides and the exclusivity of our Wild Eye Mara Camp, you can be assured of a photography workshop that will leave you both inspired and filled with new knowledge, ideas and the desire to continually better your craft.

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