First Aid Qualification

By law, all field guides in South Africa need to have a valid first aid certificate in order to legally guide. We are proud to say that our guides have always been and still hold a valid first aid qualification.

Last week we had Andrew Miller, founder and owner of S.M.A.R.T. Response in the Wild Eye office to host another Wilderness First Aid course for all our guides.

The importance of first aid is something one cannot argue as it can be critical in saving someone’s life and preventing further complications. At Wild Eye we believe that prevention is better than cure but if ever it comes to cure, we want to be best prepared. Our first aid training is essential due to the nature of the environment we find ourselves in, emergencies can occur at anytime, anywhere, and to anyone, regardless of age or health condition.

The importance of first aid training

  1. Immediate assistance saves lives

In an emergency, the first few minutes are crucial, and prompt first aid can make all the difference between life and death. It is estimated that up to 90% of deaths caused by injuries or illnesses can be prevented if first aid is provided promptly. In such cases, the first aid provider can help stabilize the person's condition, reduce the severity of the injury or illness, and prevent further harm until professional medical help arrives.

  1. Reduces the severity of injuries and illnesses

First aid training can also help reduce the severity of injuries and illnesses. For example, performing CPR on someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest can help maintain blood flow to vital organs until medical help arrives. Similarly, providing immediate treatment to a person who has been injured can help reduce the risk of infection and prevent the injury from becoming more severe.

  1. Empowers individuals to take action

First aid training empowers individuals to take immediate action in an emergency. It can help them overcome the fear and anxiety that often accompany such situations and provide the necessary assistance to someone in need. Knowing how to provide first aid can also help individuals feel more confident and prepared to deal with emergencies, which can be especially important in situations where professional medical help may be delayed or unavailable.

  1. Enhances workplace safety

First aid training is also essential for workplaces. Employers have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of their employees (in in our case - guests), and providing first aid training is an essential part of this responsibility. In addition to meeting legal requirements, having employees trained in first aid can also help reduce the number and severity of workplace injuries, which can have a significant impact on productivity and employee (and/or guest) morale.

  1. Builds stronger communities

First aid training can also help build stronger communities. When more people are trained in first aid, they are better equipped to respond to emergencies, and this can help create a safer and more resilient community. In addition to providing assistance in emergencies, first aid providers can also help raise awareness about safety issues and encourage others to learn more about first aid.

First Aid Training In The Wild Eye Office

First Aid Qualification - Michael Laubscher - Wild Eye

We have always been proud of not only creating the best possible safari experience but also go all out to provide the absolute best for our guests on all aspects which includes their safety and well being.

Apart from all the additional cover/emergency/evacuation policies we have with AMREF, SATIB24, Turnberry and being all up to date with regards to our first aid qualification. We have taken it a few steps further this time to ensure that you will be in the well trained, perfectly equipped and very safe hands of our guides.

On completion of the recent course, Wild Eye has issued each guide a military spec Individual First Aid Kit (I-FAK) which will be carried during every single safari.

The I-FAK is designed to cope with all kinds of haemostatic/respiratory emergencies and stored in an organised manner so that all the items it contains can be easily removed.

Over and above our Mara camp first aid pod (Lodge first aid kit, 2 x Defibrillators [one in camp & one in safari vehicle], spine board), each guide will always have this by his side regardless of the destination as it can easily be fastened to pretty much anything as it comes with with two hook and loop straps and a quick-release buckle and is also provided with two horizontal elastic bands which make it easy to attach to the leg if necessary, ensuring that it is firmly attached to prevent any unwanted movements. It also has an external back with a molle system so that it can be fastened to any attachment device worn (backpack, jacket, belt etc) and an external front pocket with hook and loop opening, designed to hold small size equipment.

First Aid Qualification - Michael Laubscher - Wild Eye

The safety of our guests is of utmost importance and not enough can be said for just how essential first aid training is. This goes for everyone, regardless of age, health condition, or occupation. It can help save lives, reduce the severity of injuries and illnesses, empower individuals to take action in emergencies, enhance workplace safety, and build stronger communities. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritise first aid training and ensure that individuals have access to this essential skill.

Always remember - Prevention is better than cure!

With that said, we always have been and more so now than ever to created the best possible safari experience for our guests regardless as to what angle you may approach it from.






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