Highlights from MalaMala and Mashatu Photo Safari | July 2022

After two postponements we were finally able to combine two of the most productive areas in southern Africa into one magnificent safari experience!

Our luck literally began from the moment we arrived in Mashatu with our first sighting being that of a female leopard and her young cub before we even got to the lodge. That afternoon we sat with 6 cheetah - yes thats right, 6 cheetah - that had managed to take down an impala ram.

Our sightings and experiences just continued to get better from there and whether we were spending time in the low level photographic hide or simply exploring on a game drive vehicle, we enjoyed truly spectacular sightings and photographic opportunities each and every day.

After four nights in Mashatu some of the guests were a bit concerned as to how MalaMala was going to level up and provide the same sort of intensity and opportunities. For those of you who have visited MalaMala before you'll understand why I was quietly confident...

Our sightings at MalaMala were all about interaction between species. We watched in awe as a lioness scampered up a sausage tree on the banks of the sand river in a (failed) attempt to steal a kill from a leopard who gracefully ascended high into the tree. We observed an interaction between a female leopard and a scrub hare - it didn't end well for the scrub hare and between lions and an elephant bull in musth.

I know for a fact that one of the guests from this trip will be sharing a guest blog and will no doubt be far more eloquent when sharing just how special this safari was - along with some of her own images.

In the meantime though, I thought I'd share the highlights video which I shot, edited and pulled together for the guests that joined me.

I hope you'll enjoy it and that it gives you a sense of just how much we saw and experienced over the 9 days of safari in MalaMala and Mashatu!

Join us in MalaMala and Mashatu

If you're looking for an action-packed safari which promises to deliver some of the best predator viewing in southern Africa then look no further than our MalaMala and Mashatu Safari. 8 nights spent in the company of your Wild Eye Photographic guide and a small group of just 4 guests sharing a private vehicle will ensure you not only have the best seats in the house, but that you capture the images you've dreamed of!

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