Iceland as a destination

Since the first time I set foot in the Arctic I knew I found a place that speaks to me.  I'm not sure if it was the cold air on my face, the dark, rough mountains contrasting with the soft white snow or something deeper than that.

Either way, I knew I liked it.

A lot.

In a few months from now I will be returning to host another edition of our Iceland in Summer photography tour.  The country is amazing, the landscapes truly breath-taking and the photographic opportunities endless.

In episode #377 of The Wild Eye Podcast I share some interesting facts on Iceland as well some personal experiences and stories from my previous tours.

You can listen to the episode below or by using your favourite podcasting app.

The one other aspect that I really enjoy about Iceland, but that I didn't mention in the podcast, is that teaching photography is quite a bit easier than on safari as everything is slower and more easy-paced.  At each scene and landscape we set up and you then have the time to try techniques and compositions without worrying that the subject will 'run away'.

If you would like to find out more about our next Iceland tour or you'd like to book one of the remaining spaces on the tour you can use the link below.

The Best of Iceland in Summer

Join Gerry and Michael in June to capture the beauty of Iceland’s nature illuminated under the glowing midnight sun, where endless photographic opportunities awaits.  This experience will change the way you see Iceland and your own landscape photography.

If you have any questions on Iceland I can answer for you or you'd like more information on my my next tour to this special place, please do get in touch.

Stay safe, and don't forget to be awesome.

Until next time.


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