International Leopard Day

In life and certainly in nature, each species on earth has its unique role to play in maintaining an extensive environmental balance. Every year on the 3rd May is the celebration of International Leopard Day. In an ongoing attempt to increase awareness of the importance of this species, this is a day that celebrates leopards and attempts to increase the global awareness of their status as well as the threats that leopard populations are faced with.

In episode # 384 of The Wild Eye Podcast Gareth Nuttall Smith, a Game Ranger and Conservationist from MalaMala Game Reserve, and I have a conversation about one of the worlds most beautiful and iconic cats - The Leopard.

You can listen to the podcast below or by using your favorite podcasting app!

In honour of International Leopard Day, feel free to read through and watch some of our incredible experiences on safari with this magnificent cat below.

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We headed out for drive and on arrival, we found that the kill was still in the same position, the mother leopard was no where to be seen and while driving around looking for the leopards, Dave pulled off a miraculous spot as he saw the youngster hiding under a bush.

While waiting, I could just hear the distant snorts and alarm calls of a herd of Ugandan kob. Now in my mind, I had thought, leopards being opportunistic, the leopardess maybe saw the Kob and went to try make another kill OR perhaps there was another predator in the area that set the Kob off.

We decided to go take a closer look and you would not believe what the next hour and a half had in store for us...

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