Logistics Update from the Wild Eye Office

Dear valued guest,

We do hope this communication comes to you all in good health.

Here in South Africa, we have experienced the second wave of COVID and we have had additional lockdowns and restrictions, alcohol sale bans and delays in schools opening for the new school year. With these measures, the spread of the new variant has slowed significantly and in all regions the numbers of infections are coming down again.

It is not the start to travel that the press and the hospitality industry had anticipated for 2021 but we continue to remain optimistic and deal with each and every hurdle in our stride.

We would like to assure you that all bookings and travel plans with Wild Eye are being evaluated on an individual level given the wide ranging restrictions and limitations that are currently enforced by so many countries. Our immediate attention will be focussed on trips scheduled to run between now and the end of March. Rest assured that our primary concerns when evaluating the viability of these trips is to ensure that you, our valued guests, are safe, and that all payments made towards your travels are secure.

As a business, we believe that we have done extremely well to navigate the first 12 months of this pandemic through the successful postponements of existing bookings, a large number of new bookings for 2022 and into 2023, a wide range of online activities such as online tuition and webinars, and of course, the adherence to sound business principles and prudent cash management. As challenging as things have been, our team has still been able to host a number of private safaris and assist our guests with custom travel itineraries in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa since August last year.

Wild Eye Guests Social distancing before boarding a flight from Amboseli to the Masai Mara in November 2020

The pre-requisite PCR testing needed for travel has been in place for most countries for several months now (most recently announced as a requirement for re-entry by the USA) and has very quickly become the norm with many lodges and camps offering on-site testing to ensure that all itineraries run smoothly. In some countries, results are returned within as little as 4 hours.

In closing, we would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that we are ready to navigate the next chapter of this pandemic with the flexibility, personalised attention to detail, and professionalism that you’ve come to know us for.

Thank you for your continued support of our vision of changing the way you see the world!

The Wild Eye Team

Guest Feedback: Yelena Dasher, USA

If you thought you could only rely on Wild Eye when you're traveling with one of their guides, think again. My interactions with this company have been nothing short of exemplary!

Travelled to Tanzania in November

Guest Feedback: Lori Dove, USA

Yes, there is a pandemic going on, yes, Covid was a concern, no, I didn’t hesitate to book the trip as both Wild-Eye and the Kenya Safari camps had everything under control! I never feared Covid!

Travelled to Kenya in November

Guest Feedback: G Schneider, CHE

From the initial planning, to the crazy last minute scramble due to the COVID tests, to last minute flight changes, you guys tackled every challenge thrown your way!

Travelled to South Africa in December

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