Navigating your Safari Portal Itinerary and The Travel Portal App

Our tag line of "Change The Way You See The World" requires us to stay on the forefront of technology and systems that improve the quality of our guest's experience whilst simultaneously making our internal workflows and procedures more efficient.

For the last 2 years we have been using a platform called Safari Portal to compile and share digital travel itineraries with our guests. Whether you're enquiring around a scheduled tour, private guided safari or a custom travel itinerary, this safari portal itinerary will include detailed information on your hosts, camps, included items, excluded items and as well as any pre-departure information that may be relevant to your journey.

Once you've made a decision (and a good decision at that0 to travel with us, we unlock a whole new side of this platform for you in the form of the "Guest Portal" and travel information. This is where all the finer details and logistics for your itinerary will be built and shared. This section will be updated regularly with the final details (such as charter flight times) being updated a week before your departure.

Safari Portal's have evolved a lot over the years (which is one of the many things we enjoy about supporting them) and have recently just launched their Travel Portal App - something I'm going to expand a bit more on in the second section of this post.

For now though, here's how you can navigate your personalised Safari Portal itinerary:

Mobile-friendly Detailed Travel Itineraries

Not only are Safari Portal itineraries mobile friendly for you but they are also more accurate and reliable given that we are able to make changes and push these to your device whilst you're travelling. Maybe there was a flight change and you are now arriving a day early? No problemo— we will update the itinerary on the go and the next time that ou connect to WiFi, the changes will reflect.


The Travel Portal Application

Guests now have easy access to everything you need prior to and during travel with the Travel Portal app. From transfer and flight information to meeting up times, accommodation details, confirmation documents, e-tickets, and restaurant menus to emergency contacts, pre travel information, packing lists, and a travel wallet, to offline availability and a trip countdown.

The best part about it is that its all linked to the address our team use to share your Safari & Guest Portals with you so, once you've downloaded the app and logged in using the same email address and password as you have used for any previous Guest Portal's shared with you, your personalised Travel App will automatically populate with any future trips that you have planned with us.

Each trip, neatly packaged with a countdown timer and access to either the detailed Itinerary (camps, pre-departure info, included, excluded) or the Information (flight manifests, reservation numbers, confirmation documents, e-tickets, and travel wallet with downloadable PDF documents).

Not a "tech-savvy" traveller? If you prefer a good old printed piece of paper you can generate a simple and clean, print-friendly PDF either with or without images.

If your Safari Portal itinerary isn't showing for some reason, please reach out using the link below and our team will get on top of that for you!

Itineraries not showing in your Travel Portal App?

No problem, pop our team a mail and they will re-share the necessary details with you and get you back on track in no time.

Travel Portal
The Travel Portal home page view.
The Safari Portal
Individual Safari Portal itinerary Home Page
safari portal menu
Menu and shortcuts within your Itinerary
Information (Guest Portal) Home Page
Information Menu (Guest Portal)
Travel Wallet with downloadable PDF Documents


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