Nikon Z9 Custom Button Mapping

In this video, I show you how I set up my function buttons on my Nikon Z9, specifically for wildlife photography. Of course, these are just the way that I have them set up and your use case may change entirely. I hope it helps all you new Z9 owners out there.

Have a different mapping to me? Well then, let me know in the comments below! Otherwise, please feel free to post your comments and questions.

The Importance of Post Processing in Digital Photography

The importance of post processing in digital photography has increased tremendously over the past decade.  There are still many out there that believe that post processing an image is “cheating” but before you decided, it is important to understand what post processing means.

Mara Photographics Workshop

Wild Eye Safari's are already at the forefront of wildlife photographic travel, but our workshops take learning, in-the-field and post processing tuition to the next level, all of which purpose-built to change the way you see your own wildlife photography!

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