One of my favorite moments from the Serengeti

The Serengeti is one of the best safari destinations to visit. Before I visited the Serengeti, my thoughts were or my vision of the Reserve was just big open spaces of nothing but grass. Oh how I was so wrong, it is an extremely diverse area with regards to animals and landscape. It has big open grass plains, rocky outcrops, small forrest areas and so much more.

I wanted to share one of my favorite pictures from the Serengeti with you, not for what the picture is, but for what the picture holds mentally for me.

One of my favorite moments from the Serengeti

When I first started planning and researching my first trip to the Serengeti, it was only then that I realized just how special this place is. Johan had been a few times and I had seem some of his images(which are mind blowing by the way), but I still couldn't picture myself taking photographs like that or experiencing the feeling of being in such an incredible wilderness area.

In 2019, I hosted the best of the Serengeti Safari with Johan, This safari takes place over four different destinations (I will add a link to the safari page at the bottom) and what an incredible safari it was.

Johan, myself and guests experienced the Serengeti on the second part of the safari and to put into words just how special this place is, is impossible. Yes, the first thing you notice is the massive open grass plains, but as the days passed I began to realize just how diverse this place really is.

One of the highlights of this portion of the trip is to search the rocky outcrops for any predators. Predators such as lions, leopards and cheetahs use these rocky outcrops to scan the area for any potential prey and to escape the heat of the day by resting in the shade of the rocks and small trees on the outcrops.

After scanning and searching these rocky outcrops, we managed to find lions. An epic sight, but in terms of photographic opportunity, not great.

The camp we were staying at was fortunately very close to a number of these rocky outcrops, so every morning and every afternoon, we would start by scanning these rocks for any potential predators.

Late one morning, while heading back to camp, we found lions resting on the rocks, under the shade of some trees. It was the heat of the day and there wasn't to much going on. As a group we discussed it and decided to head back to camp for some lunch, with the plan being to return late afternoon and hopefully get the lions coming down the rocks or atleast sitting out in the open on the rocks.

Our plan worked out perfectly, that afternoon we arrived back at the rocks and there they were! all sitting out in the open, in beautiful light and the moment was just pure magic! It is hard to describe the feeling when a plan comes together and when a thought from the past suddenly becomes a reality and is visually right in front of you.

I just love it when a plan comes together!

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