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Kanga Camp is a wild untouched paradise within a private concession in Mana Pools National Park. In this remote southwestern stretch, vlei lines, mopane woodland and riverine forests give way to intriguing discoveries beyond the banks of the Zambezi River. As the sole source of water in the dry season, Kanga Pan creates a haven for wildlife, drawing animals from near and far to the heart of Kanga Camp. Here, you’re bound to experience untamed magnetic encounters as you embark on an enriching African safari.

Kanga Camp Mana Pools
Kanga Camp Mana Pools

Kanga Camp Location

Set in the most remote part of the World Heritage Site in Mana Pools is the Kanga Pan. The 12-bedded luxury tented camp has en-suite bathroom facilities with outdoor showers and basins overlooking the water hole. Two of the tents are luxury family/honeymoon tents with their own private dining and seating area. The main area has a comfortable lounge and dining area offering you uninterrupted views of a very active water hole. Relax in the upper deck lounge under the shade of a mahogany or sit on the deck below near the splash pool and enjoy Kanga − the old Africa in a new era.

The diverse area has multiple vlei lines, river systems of the Ruckomechi River, and mixed woodland types from Mopane woodland to Jesse bush and riverine forests. Kanga Pan itself is the only known water source in the area available throughout the year, making it a hub for wildlife and a delight to explore on foot. Pristine and undeveloped, this area gives you a pure, unspoilt, private African safari experience.

Besides game drives, bird watching and walking excursions, an hour’s drive brings you to the Zambezi flood plains in Mana Pools. Kanga works well in collaboration with Zambezi Expeditions to provide guests with an overall view of the inland and riverside experiences available in Mana Pools, one of the last remaining “untouched” wilderness paradises.

Kanga Camp Mana Pools

Accommodation at Kanga Camp

Solar-powered Kanga Camp comprises of six luxury tents all raised on individual wooden platforms for an elevated view over the Kanga Pan. Each Luxury Meru-styled tent is simple yet elegant, boasting floor-to-ceiling mesh windows to let in ample natural light and a light breeze. All tents are replete with fans, en-suite bathroom, flushing toilet, outdoor shower, hot running water and a secluded veranda.

Kanga Camp Mana Pools
Kanga Camp Mana Pools

Insider Tip From Andrew Beck

Kanga Camp is a gem of a destination. It is the ideal break away from the "busy-ness" of the Mana pools floodplain where one is able to exchange the early mornings of chasing light and walking for a far more relaxed "arm-chair" safari approach. Where else can one watch a lioness hunting impala form your shower and have elephants drinking just meters away throughout the day!?

Activities on offer at Kanga Camp

Game Drives

Game drives at Kanga Camp are always full of surprises. Safaris in this game-rich region of Zimbabwe means there are common sightings such as leopard and wild dog. During the dry season, game drives are often not needed as the game comes straight to the pan in front of Kanga where fresh water is pumped throughout the day. Being the only pan within a 10km radius, this brings the true meaning to an Armchair Safari.

Walking Safaris

Walking at Kanga Camp is absolutely superb With the guidance of one of our professioanl guides in camp, walking in Mana Pools is one of the closest things we can get to being in the complete wilderness. Get to know the flora of the region or track lions on foot. A walk in Mana Pools is something truly special.

Armchair safaris & The Hide

Relax on the upper deck lounge under the shade of a mahogany or sit on the deck below near the splash pool and soak in the uninterrupted views of Kanga Pan’s hyperactive watering hole as the animals come to you – the perfect “armchair safari”. The Armchair Safari is best experienced during the dry season when the water levels are low - fullily enough - thats when our Mana Pools & Kanga Safaris are scheduled!

This one-of-a-kind feature within our host of camps attracts an array of wildlife such as elephant, leopard, wild dogs, antelope and bird species. A highlight for photographers, Kanga’s unique hide offers a beautiful way to experience nature from a safe, immersive vantage. Capturing a copper sunset bathed in the soft, amber light of ‘magic hour’ is an experience not to be missed.

All of the images below were captured either from the main deck of the camp or from the deck of my room (which gave use a better angle on a pride of lion resting at the waters edge).

Kanga Camp Mana Pools
Kanga Camp Mana Pools
Kanga Camp Mana Pools
Kanga Camp Mana Pools
Kanga Camp Mana Pools
Kanga Camp Mana Pools
Kanga Camp Mana Pools

Getting To Kanga Camp

Flights into the Dandawa Airstrip are available from Harare but also from Victoria Falls and the Safari Logistics flight schedule makes it easy to connect this camp with Bumi Hills (Lake Kariba) and Hwange National Park. Intercamp transfers between the Mana Pools floodplain and Kanga are also available.

Kanga Camp in A Nutshell

  • Who should go: Kanga Camp is a fantastic destination in the dry season (August to October) and is easily paired with and compliments the on foot experience on the iconic floodplains of Mana Pools.
  • When to go: The most productive time to visit this region is during the peak of the dry season between July and October, avoiding the onset of the first rains in November.
  • How to get there: Flights with safari Logistics will get you into Kanga Camp from Harare or from Victoria Falls.
  • Suggested length of stay: I would say an absolute minimum of 2 nights, ideally 3 and, for the more patient traveller looking to kick back and chill ahead of long travel, 4 nights at a maximum.
  • Insider Tip: Be patient and spend a bit of extra time on the deck after dinner as this is often when predators such as leopard and lion come down to drink.

Craft a Private Guided Safari to Mana Pools

If our scheduled tour to Kanga Camp and Mana Pools doesn't work for you, our team of experienced travel consultants will help craft the ideal privaye guided safari for you or a small group of friends. Expertly hosted by our experienced guides you'll be left to simply enjoy the safari experience!

Visit Kanga Camp

Our Mana Pools and Kanga Safari provides guests with the best that Mana Pools has to offer in the heart of the dry season. Visit both Zambezi Expeditions Camp (located on the Zambezi River) and Kanga Camp over a period of 7 nights. A safari experience that is guaranteed to change the way you see the world!

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