Places We Love: Mombo Camp, Botswana’s Okavango Delta

Mombo is known by many as "The Place of Plenty" and for good reason. Plenty in terms of game viewing, luxury, space, food and activities. Its easy to see why Mombo has earned its place at the very top of the list of the camps to visit when exploring Botswan's Okavango Delta.

Wilderness Mombo Camp is located on Mombo Island, just off the northern tip of Chief’s Island, is built under large shady trees and overlooks a wonderful floodplain teeming with wildlife.

Wilderness Mombo Camp
Wilderness Mombo Camp

The Mombo Concession is renowned for being one of the prime wildlife destinations in Africa. Luxury accommodation aside, there are several factors that contribute to the special nature of Mombo Concession:

Rich Biodiversity: Mombo Concession is known for its incredibly diverse and abundant wildlife. The area supports a wide range of game species as well as numerous bird species. The combination of floodplains, grasslands, and woodlands creates a variety of habitats that support different wildlife.

An Exclusive Wilderness Experience: With private traversing rights in the legendary Moremi Game Reserve, Mombo lies in the north-eastern corner of Chief’s Island – once a tribal leader’s hunting ground. Here the Simbira Channel at the Delta’s southern end acts as a barrier, constraining wildlife to the area around Mombo. In summer the fertile plains teem with antelopes and their newborns, attracting vast numbers of predators.

Unique Landscape: The Okavango Delta, where Mombo Concession is situated, is known for its unique landscape characterized by a vast network of water channels, islands, and floodplains. This creates a visually stunning environment that enhances the overall safari experience.

Conservation Efforts: Mombo Concession places a strong emphasis on conservation. Defend. Preserve. Expand. This is what it means to be a committed custodian of the world’s most iconic wild destinations. You are part of this journey at Mombo, leaving just the lightest footprint in paradise. For decades, Mombo’s vision has been to bolster local communities and serve as a shining light for sustainable safaris across all of Botswana - and beyond.

Professional Guides: The quality of safari guides at Wilderness Mombo is often highlighted. Experienced and knowledgeable guides contribute significantly to the safari experience by providing insights into the behavior and ecology of the wildlife in the area.

Seasonal Variation: The wildlife and landscape in Mombo Concession can vary significantly with the seasons. The annual flooding of the Okavango Delta brings changes to the environment, impacting the movement and behavior of wildlife. The dynamic nature of the ecosystem adds an element of unpredictability to the safari experience.

Wilderness Mombo Camp
Wilderness Mombo Camp
Wilderness Mombo Camp

Accommodation at Wilderness Mombo

Accommodation comprises eight spacious suites raised off the ground, all built to maximise the vistas over the plains.

The architectural concept effortlessly navigates the intersection of colonial, Art Deco, and modern influences. Within the expanse of Mombo and Little Mombo (both situated on the shared property known as Mombo), eleven out of the twelve units mirror each other in design. The twelfth unit, tailored for families, boasts an additional bedroom and bathroom, along with an expansive terrace meticulously crafted for multi-generational travelers. The irony lies in the sheer beauty of these units, given that the overall itinerary is strategically orchestrated to minimize time spent within them.

Each tent provides an uninterrupted vista of the savannah; even the bathroom mirrors extend this connection, reflecting glimpses of giraffes and zebras as you attend to your daily routines. The cozy salons, equipped with fully stocked bar carts and adorned with leather sofas, offer an inviting and entertaining atmosphere. However, the undeniable highlight remains the plunge pools on the terraces—so strategically positioned near the savannah that, on occasion, elephants mistake them for natural watering holes.

Wilderness Mombo Camp
Wilderness Mombo Camp

Insider Tip From Andrew Beck

I've travelled Botswana's Okavango Delta fairly extensively but this was one camp that I had not yet had the fortune of visiting. Growing up watching "The Eye of The Leopard" which was filmed at Mombo many years ago, the attraction for me was always in the game viewing and Mombo certainly did not disappoint on that front. What I didn't expect was to be absolutely blown away by both the rooms and the diversity of the concession itself. Mombo is not the most affordable camp in the Okavango Delta but, if you can afford to visit, you really should do so and for at least 3 nights.

Activities on Offer at Wilderness Mombo Camp

Game Drives

Guided game drives are a staple activity at Mombo Camp. These typically occur during the early morning and late afternoon when wildlife is most active. Knowledgeable guides take guests on open 4x4 vehicles, providing opportunities to observe and photograph diverse wildlife, including the Big Five.

Bird Watching

The Okavango Delta is a haven for birdwatchers, with a vast array of bird species. Guests can participate in birding activities led by knowledgeable guides who can identify and provide information about the various bird species in the area.


Given the remote locations of Mombo Camp, stargazing activities can be exceptional. Some camps provide telescope-equipped areas for guests to enjoy the night sky.

Scenic Helicopter Flights

Scenic helicopter flights over Botswana's Okavango Delta is an opportunity you cant afford to miss. Moments after departing you’ll enjoy the breath-taking views seen only from a helicopter. Experience the crystal-clear water channels meandering their way through lagoons, while journeying deep into the lush green flood plains to explore the abundant wildlife of the Okavango region.


Mombo Camp Botswana
Mombo Camp Botswana
Mombo Camp Botswana
Mombo Camp Botswana
Mombo Camp Botswana

Getting To Mombo Camp

Flights on fixed win aircraft out of Maun are the most cost effective way of getting to Mombo Camp and between camps in the Okavango Delta in general but, one also has the option of enjoying transfers by helicopter which eliminate the need for drives to and form the airstrips, placing you right at camp on arrival.

Wilderness Mombo Camp in A Nutshell

  • Who should go: Mombo caters for everyone form the honeymoon couple right through to the multiple generation family thanks to their massive rooms and exlcusive use option of Little Mombo Camp.
  • When to go: Mombo really is a year round destination with the peak season in this region running from June to November being dictated by the annual floods. Don't discount the off-peak season period where rates are often more palatable but game viewing is just as good!
  • How to get there: Helicopter or light aircraft transfers in and out of camp from Maun or other camps.
  • Suggested length of stay: In all honesty, a minimum stay of 3 nights is suggested.
  • Insider Tip: Be sure to include some time for scenic helicopter flights with the doors removed. Stopping for coffee on a remote island or alongside the floodwaters in pure wilderness is a once in a lifetime experience!

Visit Wilderness Mombo Camp

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