Private Safari At Dulini

Before we get started, Happy New Year to you all! May it be a year full of exciting  adventures, love and joy. Speaking of adventure, can you think of a better way to start a year than on Safari; better yet, a private safari at Dulini Private Game Reserve.

I recently returned form a six night private safari at Dulini River Lodge. I honestly have no words to describe just how supercalifragilisticexpialidocious the week was.

The brief for this safari was - leopard.

Well, we were fortunate to have spent ample time with these special cats. 11 individual leopards to be exact, and so much more!

Before I share more on the wildlife front, I'd like to share something that you might be pondering about.

Why Stay Here?

Embraced in the riverine grandeur of ancient ebony trees, Dulini River Lodge exudes a sense of indulgence true to the long-standing safari tradition. 

The enthralling elevation of the six luxurious suites, offers inspiring views over the regal Sand River, to the savannah beyond. Each suite, set in a private riverine enclave. Offering the luxury of a heated plunge pool and the lavish attention of a personal butler. Thus enhancing the indulgence in the African ambience.


Every meal at Dulini is a celebratory African Affair. Uniquely infused with timeless flavors, passionately prepared in reinvented tradition and lavishly served in wondrous settings. Fresh, local and homemade by zealous and talented chefs. Each dish is curated to tantalize the taste buds and ignite the imagination.

Meals are enjoyed in various different areas within the lodge. The upper main area, viewing deck, a private dinner in your room. We were also lucky enough to enjoy a breakfast in the wilderness on New Years morning.

Hand in hand with the incredible cuisine is their wine cellar which boasts a pleasure of wines showcasing some of the best boutique vineyards South Africa has to offer.

With 17 wine regions to choose from, each with its unique influence on the cultivar due to varying weather patterns, soil and altitude. Every wine selected is designed to celebrate this diversity. Guests are also treated to an array of New World wines that captivate even the most educated palette, as well as a collection of fine whiskeys and brandies.

Guest Experiences

We all know that the Sabi Sand Game Reserve is well known for its leopard sightings. The chances are good that you may well spot one of these elusive cats during your visit. Not want to rub it in, here but let me reiterate what I mentioned earlier...

We saw 11 individual leopard during our six nights!!! Absolutely insane!

Dulini's professionally trained guides will do their best to ensure that your preferences are met, whether it is tracking a particular species or spending more time enjoying each sighting and getting to know the habits of the animals. They will also tell you about the vegetation of the region and will explain the behavior of the animals that you come across. In some cases, the guides will be able to identify individual animals and let you know about their history and habits.

Dulini River Lodge honestly presents the signature safari experience. Exhilarating encounters with wildlife to say the least and will now allow the imagery below to tell you more of this story. 

Priavte Safari At Dulini - Michael Laubscher

With all the above mentioned ,as well as the sincere hospitality are what make Dulini River Lodge an unforgettably enriching experience.

Now in the midst of the thrill of wildlife encounters, a safari adventure is also capable of restoring the soul.

Dulini has a selection of lavish treatments that have designed to enhance your experience of the African Bush by heightening your senses through massage. Their team of masseurs delights in extending your relaxation by pampering you with essential oils and extracts unique to our African setting.

They also have a well-equipped gym which offers an alternative for those who wish for something more energetic than relaxing on your deck. Might also just be a good thing seeing that they will feed you extremely well!

Now, allow me to ask the question again;

Can you think of a better way to start a year... On Safari; better yet, a private safari at Dulini Private Game Reserve?

I do look forward to sharing that beautiful part of the world with you one day soon.

Lets Start Planning Your Next Adventure!

I would love to have a chat with you online to either share more details with you regarding Dulini and/or speak of other options that might be a better fit for you.

An incredible adventure awaits!

Until then;

Wishing you a blessed year. Stay happy. Stay safe.

Chat soon.

Michael Laubscher

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