Safari Gallery: Botswana Wilderness Safari, Okavango Delta

For as long as I can remember, the Botswana Wilderness Safari has been one the highlights of my personal safari calendar. Usually scheduled in the month of November to take advantage of the more economical rates (high season ends at the end of October) and to capture the beauty of the start of the green season, this trip has always delivered incredible photo opportunities and memories.

Aimed to expose our guests to the labyrinth of water channels and lush and diverse landscapes, our adventure led us to the exclusive Chitabe Camp and the intimate haven of Little Vumbura. Each concession, with its unique charm and wildlife offerings, provided amazing experiences and photographic opportunities. Chitabe Camp, situated on a private concession bordering the Moremi Game Reserve, offered a rich tapestry of habitats, from open grasslands to lush forests, fostering diverse wildlife encounters. On the other hand, Little Vumbura, located on a private island in the northern reaches of the Okavango, immersed us in the delta's intricate waterways and pristine floodplains and afforded us the opportunity to take to the sky on scenic, doors off, helicopter flights.

Chitabe Camp | Okavango Delta

Situated on a private concession bordering the renowned Moremi Game Reserve, Chitabe camp offers a unique blend of ecosystems, from expansive grasslands to dense woodlands. This variety of habitats creates an extraordinary tapestry that supports an abundance of wildlife, making Chitabe Camp an ideal haven for both predators and prey.

The diverse landscape contributes to a thriving ecosystem, attracting an array of species, including elephants, lions, leopards, and an impressive variety of birdlife. Beyond its ecological significance, the strategic location of Chitabe Camp allows for exclusive and intimate safari experiences, away from the crowds, ensuring guests can immerse themselves in the untouched beauty of the Delta. This not only enhances the overall safari adventure but also contributes to the conservation efforts in this pristine wilderness, as Chitabe Camp actively supports sustainable tourism and wildlife protection initiatives.

In my personal opinion, every safari to Botswana's Okavango Delta should include at least a 3 night stay at Chitabe. This is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most productive and reliable concessions when it comes to predator viewing and our time here did not disappoint with a total of 10 different cheetah, multiple leopard and lion sightings. In fact - our very first sighting on our drive from the airstrip was a pair of mating leopard!

The combination of high predator density and low vehicle density means that we often enjoyed sightings all to ourselves (never more than 3 vehicles) and never felt pressured to leave a sighting. These are some of my favorite images form our time at Chitabe Camp.

Mating Leopards
Leopard portrait
Palm Panning
Abstract Textures

One of the highlights of the year came during our stay at Chitabe and I took the opportunity to record a short story on how this sighting unfolded over the course of the day, ultimately resulting in one of my favorite images of the year.

Little Vumbura Camp | Okavango Delta

Perched on the northern reaches of the Okavango Delta, the Kwedi/Vumbura Concession, home to the enchanting Little Vumbura camp, is a testament to the incredible diversity and unique ecological significance of this remote wilderness.

Set on a private island (and requiring a short boat transfer to and from the mainland for game drives), the concession immerses visitors in the intricate network of waterways and pristine floodplains that characterize the delta. Little Vumbura offers an unrivalled opportunity to witness the delta's aquatic wonders, from serene mokoro (dugout canoe) excursions to thrilling boat safaris.

The concession's dynamic landscape not only supports an abundance of water-adapted species but also provides a vital refuge for land-dwelling wildlife seeking respite in the midst of this aquatic paradise. Elephants, hippos, and an impressive array of bird species thrive in this lush environment, creating a captivating spectacle for guests.

Given its location on the ecotone between dry land and the permanent waterways, this region is one of my favorite locations from which to take to the skies in a helicopter with the aim of capturing the beauty and diversity of the Okavango Delta from the air. Our doors off scenic flights (a 45 minute flight is included in our safari package) left such a great impression on our guests that all four guests opted to book an additional 60 minute flight - need i say any more?

Here's a small selection of images from our time at Little Vumbura Camp with a focus on some of the aerial scenes we were able to capture.

leopard amongst the foliage

I hope you've enjoyed catching a glimpse into our time in the Okavanago Delta and hope that these images have inspired you to possibly visit this very special part of the world one day. If you're still in doubt, check out the feedback from our guests below.

"Andrew was an excellent host. He adds such a creative eye from the lens to the final edit. Throughout our experience his patient and kind guidance really expanded my approach to photography. When you don't necessarily have a great shot in your viewfinder. his quick suggestion on composition and edits created some of my favorite images. He is a joy to be around and the host you would hope to find on a photographic vacation."

"Andrew was fabulous. So many strengths - humour, organization skills, curiosity, knowledge of the spaces and the species, human touch with all the local staff we encountered and this is to say nothing of his enthusiasm for photography which made learning from him easy. It was a pleasure to be in his company for 10 days and his responsiveness with questions and queries in the lead up was very much appreciated."

"This was my first experience with Wild Eye. Expectations were high and the trip did not disappoint in any way. It was one of the most special travel experiences I have ever enjoyed. It combined seeing new (spectacular) places and meeting terrific people with the opportunity to learn new photographic skills and challenge myself. So grateful to our host, Andrew, for worrying about all the little details and being so encouraging especially with the camera."

"Traveling with Wild Eye is such a pleasure. The logistics are taken care of seamlessly, the photography opportunities and guidance are excellent, and the accommodations and experiences are delightful. The Botswana Wilderness Safari is special because it is designed to show you a variety of environments and landscapes within the Okavango Delta, so that you really feel like you have seen it. It is also special because it includes a helicopter flight (or two!) so that you also see this ecosystem from the air--an amazing view!"

Join us in Botswana's Okavango Delta

Uncover the untouched beauty of the Botswana's wilderness with our fully inclusive 8 night scheduled safari offering. Combining two of the most popular concessions in Botswana, with the aim of exposing our small group of only 4 guests to the full range of habitats and environments that the Okavango Delta has to offer, this exclusive tour offers not only breath-taking scenery and life changing experiences, but also offers some of the best game viewing you can find in Southern Africa.

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