The Best Of Serengeti Trip Report

Johan & I recently returned from one incredible adventure in Tanzania. This time round we've decided to do things a bit different. Usually trip reports feature guide images but we're changing it up for once. The Best of Serengeti trip report will be more of an external perspective.

Speaking of perspective, the following list will highlight the high profile sightings we enjoyed over the two weeks.


128 individuals

16 males

Total 180




20 individuals


7 individuals


3 adult individuals in the same sighting.

African Wild Cat

3 individuals

Bat eared fox 

22 individuals

Honey badger

2 individuals

Absolutely mind blowing isn't it!?!?

If it is predator; or should I say predator/prey interaction is what you want, then this is the safari just for you! This Best of the Serengeti tour will showcase the beauty, excitement and action of the region to you across a diverse 14 day experience.

Please take a moment to read the testimonials below as well as look through the image galleries shared by the six guests that recently joined us;

Marije Rademaker

IG - marije_rademaker

Lori Dove

IG - lori.dove

"Wild Eye Photographic Safaris - where the experience exceeds expectations!!  The Best of the Serengeti 2022 was my second Wild Eye trip and the results were the same as my first - great photos, great guiding, great instructions and really great company!  Johan and Michael guided us through the Southern Serengeti and we had such a fantastic time!  They were both wonderful photography instructors and I enjoyed learning new techniques as well as strengthening my photographic skills.  They were both there to answer any question or work through any issue you might have out in the field.  I know when I travel with Wild Eye my photographic journey is their priority...the guides are there to make sure I get the amazing shots I want - not the other way around!  In addition to the amazing photography, our group had so many laughs and enjoyed our time together around the campfire drinking G&T's!  Our time together was fantastic and I've made new friends for life!  Thank you Wild Eye for providing such a fantastic experience!"

Beate Assmuth-Ong

IG - beateao

"The Best of the Serengeti was my second Wild Eye trip, but it was my first photographic journey.  After my first trip to the Masa Mara (equipped only with an iPhone) I was so inspired that I purchased camera gear.  

Needless to say, I was nervous leading up to the trip, was I too much of a camera newbie for this?  Rest assured, Michael Laubscher and Johan van Zyl made this experience so easy and enjoyable!  They guided me with knowledge and incredible patience, no question was ever too much or too stupid.  I never felt inadequate in my new photographic journey!  Not every great photographer is also a great teacher…but they are!  But more so, they are very humble with their craft and found true pleasure in my little accomplishments in my photographs.  They helped me with getting the correct settings and learn to understand them, framing the images and finding the right angles for the scene.  They shared their passion and helped me fall in love with the joy and excitement of photography! 

They understand animal behavior and were able to (as much as humanly possible) predict how the scene was going to develop.  On top of being true professionals, they made this trip so fun…we laughed so much, my belly hurt :). This trip created memories for a life time!

Looking back, I truly can’t believe, that I (!!!!) took those photos!!!  

Needless to say, I can’t wait to join Michael and Johan and Wild Eye on future trips!  

My journey has just started!  Thank you!!!"

Janet Corradini

IG - janetcorradini

"This was my 5th Wild Eye Tour and I knew for a long time that I wanted to be on this tour. I had specific images of lions on the Gol Kopjes in my head that I was going to get. Well, there’s no set director for lions in the bush, so I guess I’ll have to return. But one thing is for sure, you get plenty of amazing shots on this tour. Not only are the photographic opportunities abundant, but the opportunities to learn from two of the best photographic guides make this one of the best tours. Michael and Johan, each on their own, are incredibly kind, knowledgeable and helpful – with different cameras, settings, Lightroom instruction, etc. – but together, create an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun that’s hard to duplicate. I (I think we all!) came away with great memories from the time together, so much so that we are already planning future trips together! These were long, exhausting days in the bush, on bouncy, dusty dirt paths, but the outcome was well worth it. The camps, while not luxurious, were more than comfortable. Expect lots of predators (we saw more lion than I ever have!) cheetahs, leopards, caracal, serval and African wild cats as well as the usual suspects: elephant, giraffe, wildebeest, zebra and so much more. Loved it!"

JoAnne Simerson

"I’ve travelled all over Africa for a few decades, all in search of wildlife. All my realistic expectations were blown away in the first few days of this fantastic adventure. To say we had amazing wildlife sightings just doesn’t begin to describe this trip. Not sure how I will ever choose what photos to use! To have Johan and Michael with us advising, coaching, and mentoring made sure we had a great chance of getting the perfect shot. The best part was everyone on the trip. So much fun and camaraderie, instant lifelong friends! Wild Eye truly brought magic to this Best of Serengeti tour!"

Valerie Kernan

IG - vjkernan

Now that you have got more of an external perspective, there is not much more for me to say.

What I will say though is that Johan & I would love for you to join us next year!

I have no doubt that it'll be just as amazing as every other year.

Join Us In The Serengeti Next Year!

The iconic Serengeti, a land filled with endless plains, an abundance of animals and a reputation that precedes itself thanks to countless wildlife documentaries and classic Hollywood films. It’s  the quintessential African safari and you’ll find yourselfimmersed in wonder from day one.

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We cannot wait to welcome you to this very special place!

Until then, keep well and keep exploring!

Michael Laubscher

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