Where to start with your photography

Photography can be a frightening hobby to take on in the beginning... Shutter Speed, Aperture, Iso, Metering modes. These are just a few of the basic terms that one should know in photography and they are intimidating words when you don't know what they mean! Well, to make you feel better we all had to start somewhere, including myself!

In episode # 382 of The Wild Eye Podcast I share the process and the steps that I took when I started out with my photography journey!

You can listen to the podcast below or by using your favourite podcasting app!

If you have been wanting to start out in photography and you have had no idea where to even begin, look no further! Even for the seasoned pro's, it is never to late to better your understanding.

You can read through our blogs, watch our webinars or reach out to us here at Wild Eye and we will gladly assist you!

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

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Wild Eye Webinars

Photographic Tips & Training

Our team post regular content about exciting destinations, photographic tips & tricks, recent trip reports, ‘how to’ guides, wildlife and more. Whether you’re a regular safari goer, a wildlife photography enthusiast, keen traveler, someone with a sense of adventure, or just looking to learn a little more about wildlife, our blog is for you!

Masai Mara Wildlife Photography Workshop

Through a combination of dedicated wildlife photography presentations, a workshop manual, small group of photographers and the exclusivity of the Wild Eye Mara Camp you can be assured of a photography workshop that will leave you not only inspired but filled with new knowledge, ideas and the desire to better your craft. And all of this in the Masai Mara, the greatest wildlife reserve in the world!

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