Why the best time to travel is now

When is the best time to travel?

It has been just over a year since the "normal" world as we have come to know it has changed dramatically.  Overnight travel restrictions were put in place, and many experiences that we have come to love, became impossible.

Fast forward one year and there seems to be a rise in travel interest, many whom are desperate to return to travelling and exploring the magical wonders that our natural world has to offer.  Here are some reasons why the best time to travel is now:

1.  Small groups and wide open spaces

It is hard to think of a better place to isolate yourself from the usual crowds we have come to experience around the cities and other major tourist destinations.  The fact that you already have the wide open spaces and fresh air that is synonymous with an African Safari, combined with even less tourists than usual makes it a very attractive choice for a vacation.

2.  Availability will become an issue

With pretty much all of 2020's safaris having moved to 2021 and some of 2021 safaris already having moved to 2022, availability will without a doubt become a major issue, especially during the peak times and at the most sought after properties.  In the past it was recommended to book a year in advance for the best locations during the peak time of the year, where we are now almost looking two years ahead.

3.  Africa needs us

Yes everyone has suffered during the past year, of that there is no doubt.  Arguably the one that has suffered most is Africa and her wild, protected areas.  Most of these areas rely on tourism to fund the overall running of these parks and reserves which include everything from lodges and all their staff, road maintenance, reserve maintenance, anti poaching etc.  With the obvious lack of tourists and funds coming into these parks, poaching has increased, lodges have closed down and desperation for food and income has reached it's peak.  Africa needs a feel good story again, she needs to smile again, and every single person visiting and experiencing her beauty can contribute to the success of these areas and getting them back on their feet.

I have no doubt that this year's safari experiences will be some of the best yet.  The staff that work at the lodges are rearing to go, everyone is desperate to have clients at their respective lodges and ensuring they create a once in a lifetime experience.  People from all over the world are desperate, more than ever to go on safari, knowing that we have had it taken away from us for a year.  I sincerely hope that when we travel again, that we soak up every single minute of the experience.  That we laugh more, we sit around the fire longer, we stay up half an hour later, we wake up half an hour earlier, we spend more time listening to nature around us and that we simply treasure everything that makes a safari experience so unbelievably  special.

Why now is the right time to travel
Why now is the right time to travel

Until next time, stay safe and start planning :)


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