Behind The Frame: Mara Leopard

In this episode of Behind The Frame, Trevor talks us through the importance of shooting in raw and the ability to fix errors we have made out in the field in post processing.

There are many advantages to shooting in RAW, the biggest advantage is that it is a large file that can be manipulated in post processing to fix and work on any mistakes you may have made in camera.

This is not an uncommon mistake, sometimes we get over excited in the field and forget to change or check settings in the heat of the moment and only realise our mistakes after the fact.

This is why it is important to make sure you constantly check your settings, even if you are not photographing anything, just make sure your settings are as close to what you want them to be. By doing this and having everything in camera as close to perfect as possible you will avoid user error such as the mistake I made and you will have minimal adjustments if any to make in post processing.


I hope that you enjoyed this episode of Behind The Frame and that you can learn from my mistakes, but at the same time, remember if you are shooting in raw, there are ways to fix some mistakes such as white balance in post processing.

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